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We bring the best of thought leaders and advisors, proven methodologies and a hard-won philosophy that successful execution is the key to creating a positive ripple effect through an organization in addition to sustainable growth. To help our clients overcome their most complex challenges and harness the power of opportunities, we offer specialized capabilities within four service areas:

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Trends Affecting the Role of the CIO in 2018
This article highlights four trends affecting CIOs, requiring them to stretch further as their role expands strategically, becoming increasingly market-focused.
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement and Root Cause Analysis
Successful software development operations are those that continuously learn from the past to improve the future. Agile DLC teams are typically familiar with the retrospective; a round-table review after each iteration to determine “What went well?”, “What went wrong?”, “How can we do better?” Retrospectives are a sound way to groom effective collaboration, even source great inputs to drive improvements. That said, what you do with those inputs is what really creates the mature, high performing teams that get to work on the best innovation projects. Enter Root Cause Analysis – time is well spent in dissecting failure modes so that you can prevent them in the future.
SDLC AI Strategy
Adopting a Strategic View of AI
Beyond an artificial intelligence (AI) primer, this article highlights four key areas of your organization where AI technologies can be timely and beneficial today…not five years from now. Whether your industry focus is healthcare, retail, finance or a variety of customer types, now is the time to adopt a strategic view of AI and how it will converge with your business.