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We bring the best of thought leaders and advisors, proven methodologies and a hard-won philosophy that successful execution is the key to creating a positive ripple effect through an organization in addition to sustainable growth. To help our clients overcome their most complex challenges and harness the power of opportunities, we offer specialized capabilities within four service areas:

Featured Insights

Healthcare Tech & Business
Healthcare Tech & Business Mid-Year Review
July is a good point in the year to take a step back and reflect on the larger trends that we’re seeing with our healthcare clients and make note of how those are similar to or different from what we’re seeing in the broader payer and provider industries.
DLC Chaos
Control Your DLC Chaos: Four Steps to Better DLC Governance
It’s easy to slip into habits that can derail your development life cycle. The untoward affect being failed releases, late releases and a whole lot of costly rework. And, we don’t need to mention how it crushes your team’s enthusiasm and passion.
ROI from RPA
The Road to ROI from RPA
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) isn’t just the latest intelligent technology but it brings relevant opportunities to bend the cost curve while greatly enhancing customer experience and process efficiency. Download and share this infographic with colleagues and your team who want to know how to kickstart the value of RPA.