Five-part primer outlines a Lean-Agile approach to creating digital products or delivering traditional products and services via digital channels.

SDLC Partners LPM White Paper

This ebook combines recent thought leadership on Lean Portfolio Management into one ebook, highlighting LPM fundamentals and sharing a path towards realizing many organizational benefits:

  • Launch new products, services, and sales channels faster
  • Higher sales, new customers, and more satisfied repeat customers
  • Pivot direction quickly and without disruption
  • Implement the matching function – demand to supply — and establish flow
  • Create a demand funnel with steps for qualifying portfolio-level backlog items
  • Launch a collaborative budgeting and incremental funding approach
  • Prioritize projects, goals, and tasks easily
  • Provide additional governance around investment horizons and thresholds
  • Institute management roles and activities to sustain the LPM
  • Evolve into a Lean-Agile PMO or VMO (Virtual Management Office)

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Lean Portfolio Management is a modern capability and an essential function that every organization should master. SDLC Partners has the expertise, experience, methodology, and tools to accelerate transformation and achieve market dominance and growth goals. If you have questions or would like to discuss the SDLC challenges your organization faces.

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