SDLC Partners and UiPath offer complimentary RPA Proof of Concept Package

“85% of IT leaders will be piloting RPA AI initiatives by 2020.”

2018 Gartner CIO Agenda Survey

SDLC Partners and UiPath are offering organizations an opportunity to discover the concrete value of RPA for free.

Through our complimentary Proof of Concept package, you can uncover the financial and operational benefits RPA offers, including:

  • Cost reduction
  • Error reduction
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • High scalability
  • 24/7 workforce

Your organization relies on indispensable, high-volume, and laborious tasks that RPA carry out quicker and with more accuracy, leading to faster service, less error correction, and less overall waste.

That’s just what 2019 needs.

We’re offering a limited number of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Proof of Concept (POC) Packages.

Who should request an RPA POC?

Organizations with ideal use cases include those with manual, high volume, repetitive, rules-based processes that require a human to interact with multiple systems while processing a transaction.

Organizations facing increased competition, the need for faster and better customer experiences and the drive for new ways to improve hidden inefficiencies.

What types of problems could RPA help us solve?

What are the critical areas in your organization that affect business profitability, efficiency, and compliance, as well as require a high degree of manual effort, accuracy, and speed? Those are the perfect candidates for RPA.

“We were able to help one client achieve a 90% cost reduction in every transaction they processed.”

SDLC Partners RPA Lab

Here are a few use cases where industries are using RPA:

RPA Industries - Healthcare


  • Claims Processing
  • Patient Eligibility
  • Physician Reporting
  • Record Storage
RPA Industries - Retail


  • Form Population
  • Process Verification
  • Legacy Integration
  • Loyalty Analytics
RPA Industries - Finance and Banking

Financial & Banking

  • Data Validations
  • Data Migrations
  • Report Creations
RPA Industries - Technology and Software


  • App Integration (API)
  • Hardware Testing
  • Software Testing
RPA Industries - Manufacturing


  • Automating ERP
  • Logistics Data
  • Data Monitoring
  • Pricing Comparisons
RPA Industries - Telecommunication


  • Data Consolidation
  • Data Extraction
  • Call Routing

What’s Included in the POC Package?

  • POCs are performed over 1-2 days.
  • Day One – The UiPath team works with the POC Candidate to determine the scope of the processes best suited for automation.
  • Day Two – The SDLC Partners team work with the customer to help prioritize use cases and determine best possible implementation plan and ROI goals.
  • POCs can be performed on-site or remotely at POC Candidate’s location.
  • Pre-POC call is conducted at least 5 days before scheduled date along with a pre-POC checklist.

Download POC Checklist with FAQ