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Software Development encompasses the full lifecycle of conceiving, designing, building, deploying, and supporting software. SDLC Partners delivers engineering discipline, breadth of competency, and Design Thinking to ensure your software is high-quality and deployed quickly and consistently. Our seasoned software development team does this through a customer-centric, collaborative, and iterative approach to delivering smart, complete solutions.

Problems Software Development Services Solve | Use Cases

Engaging an outside software development partner is a strategic investment in software success. SDLC Partners solves technical and development problems, delivers technical prowess, ensures continuous engagement, and demonstrates incremental progress, adaptability, transparency, and an approach that focuses on achieving measurable outcomes.

Software Development - Gaps in Technical Skill

Gaps in Technical Skill or Development Capacity

Many organizations need surge development capacity throughout their software cycles while others need ongoing support for new projects or digital products. Outside expertise and ad-hoc capacity ensure you deliver critical customer- or employee-facing solutions on time and within budget.

Software Development - Software Deliverable Value

Software that Doesn’t Deliver Measurable Value

When software development efforts fail to deliver quantifiable value, customer relationships, internal morale, and market confidence erode. This can be caused by a lack of continuous engagement and transparency, an inability to demonstrate objective results, and lose-lose contractual relationships. Key to measurable value is working with a partner that is customer-centric, collaborative, and iterative.

Software Development - Incomplete Discovery Session

Misguided or Incomplete Solutions

If solutions make it to market but miss the mark, it’s typically the result of discovery methods that fail to uncover customer needs and desired experiences, lack adequate feedback cycles or don’t include critical stakeholders. Leading with a Human Centered Design approach, we provide modern methods, cross-discipline thinking, and smart solutions.

Software Development - Not Sustainable or Flexible

Solutions Aren’t Sustainable or Flexible

The solution may appear to work well, today. However, poor architecture, design, or software engineering practices lead to products that are expensive and complicated to change or sustain. Our cross-disciplinary skills in Agile Architecture and design, behavior- and test-driven development, ensure that your build systems are extensible, scalable, and robust.

Software Development - Legacy Applications

Legacy Applications Need to Deliver New Value

Past investments may not be easily replaced as new requirements emerge and new systems need to be launched. Legacy systems can deliver new value streams through Intelligent Automation technology, like Robotic Process Automation, and other integration technologies.

SDLC Partners Enables High-Performance Technology through Software Development Services

SDLC Partners’ Software Development Ecosystem

Figure 1: SDLC Partners’ Software Development Ecosystem

Business and technology leaders look to SDLC Partners for solutions and expertise that deliver digital products that are sustainable, well-built, adaptable, and provide experiences that delight users. We create solutions on a foundation of Human Centered Design (HCD) principles and methods that emphasize interaction and collaboration with customers and end-users. Most importantly, our Software Development services enable, connect, and leverage our other services.

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Design Thinking and UX Design Leads Software Engineering

Design Thinking and UX Design Leads Software Engineering

Design Thinking is consistently deployed as the initial discipline in developing software solutions. We engage our clients and teams in divergent and convergent problem and solution definition, using techniques that are characteristically visual, collaborative, and iterative.

We apply the principles and methods of Human Centered Design to ensure a deep understanding of your customer and user needs by identifying what drives end-user behavior and intrinsic motivators toward the desired change you’re seeking. Our customer-centric approach means that we systematically and purposefully employ industry-leading tools and methods to create useful, functional, aesthetically-pleasing, and viable software products.

SDLC Partners’ Design Thinking Software Development Framework

Figure 2: SDLC Partners’ Design Thinking Software Development Framework

Architecture Services Give Structure to Software Engineering

Architecture Services Give Structure to Software Engineering

We leverage software architects to establish a thorough understanding of your current, technical landscape and solution constraints to ensure that your software roadmap delivers a sustainable, scalable, and “fit-to-purpose” foundation.

We take a cloud-first and managed-API architectural approach that is balanced by systems thinking. This means that software isn’t created in a silo, but with full awareness of technical and business ecosystems.

Related to portal and platform solutions, we design integrated, omnichannel, and event-driven experiences for your customers.  Social Media, IoT, machine learning, and other components are assembled into bespoke solutions that we implement on-premises or in your cloud-based enterprise environment.

Software Development

Software Development at the Core of Software Engineering

Our software development experience ranges from contributing components and application development to full-scale system creation, delivered via supplemental specialists, cross-functional teams, or software development lifecycles that tap into all supportive disciplines as shown in Figure 1.

We develop across a spectrum of environments and languages, mainframe legacy systems or agnostic operating systems, and mobile apps, applying intelligent automation approaches like machine learning and RPA.

QA - Test Automation

Testing and Test Automation Assure Quality Software

We focus on Design Thinking, as well as advocate and build solutions using a test-first approach of hypothesis-, business-, and test-driven development. We promote testing and test automation early in the development cycle to “shift left” testing and build in quality. Our test engineers are “onshore” in the United States, providing highly responsive and compliance-aware professionals.

Our QA services cover unit, functional, non-functional, integration, performance, user acceptance, and post-deployment testing. Test automation is a notable focus deployable as standalone service or as part of continuous integration and a continuous delivery pipeline.

Data Services complement Software Engineering

Data Services Complement Software Engineering

Data is at the core of every software development effort. We support the design, tuning, and management of data stores, whether localized or distributed, strong-SQL or with no-SQL in nature, as well as structured or lake-type data stores, including streaming data.

Business Intelligence and Machine Learning Support

Business Intelligence and Machine Learning Support

Digital transformation becomes measurable and manageable through real-time data. Business intelligence solutions provide visibility into transactional information and key measures built into an enterprise solution while machine learning supports decision processes in workflows by automating human cognitive work tasks.

Intelligent Automation and RPA Technologies

Using Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation, we envision and create smarter digital solutions that delight customers and employees with high throughput and quality.

Program Management Services

Program Management Services

Effective solutions at-scale is only possible through effective program and portfolio management. Our extensive experience and skill in PM/PPM/PMO development and competencies mean that we can assess your existing PMO, creating more Lean-Agile PMOs and establishing the Lean Portfolio Management processes required to operate at the speed and quality required by today’s digital market.

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Software Development Services Create More Valuable Digital Products

Companies choose SDLC Partners to create and deploy higher-quality digital products that delight users in a way that accelerates throughput and minimizes waste and rework. The measurable benefits translate into speed-to-market, a more reliable brand, and a reputation with higher market valuation.

Built-In Quality

Built-in quality results in less rework, better maintainability and reliability, improved performance and adaptability, and heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Well-designed and -built solutions are more legible, adaptable, and extensible.  This means they are easier to maintain and enhance with less untoward effects. More adaptability translates into delivering new features and sustained high-quality products to users, which translates into retention and growth.


Using microservices and managed APIs to create well-architected solutions, along with quick learning cycles, produces more scalable solutions, avoiding waste, imperfect and incomplete solutions, and missed market windows caused by older methods.

Sustained Success

Well-built solutions identify and satisfy user and customer needs in ways that increase adoption and use. Also, they provide built-in quality, adaptability, and scalability.  This creates happy, loyal customers, a growing user base, a higher capacity spent on new features, and accelerated deployment of innovative features.

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