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Operational Excellence is the driving force of your digital transformation journey. SDLC Partners works with organizations that want to integrate digital technology into all areas of their business, fundamentally altering how they operate and deliver value to customers. Our seasoned Operational Excellence team equips and empowers you to manage initiatives with ever-increasing speed, clarity, and agility to ensure you keep pace with market demands.

Problems Operational Excellence Solves | Use Cases

Organizations have an imperative to transform in ways that engage customers and employees while realizing a product and portfolio roadmap that supports Lean project management, and a flexible, scalable technology profile. SDLC Partners solves the following portfolio management and product delivery problems, enabling a cycle of sustainable digital delivery and quality.

Operational Excellence - Strategic Misalignment

Strategic Misalignment

Traditional budgeting approaches focus on funding projects without a well-defined process to adjust and reorganize the portfolio to address the inevitable changes. Organizations that fund projects without a well-defined methodology have no way to effectively prioritize new investments. Clients need to adopt a system that supports a continual flow of evaluating initiatives and realigning budgets to support their strategic vision. Read Case Study

Operational Excellence - Project Visability

Lack of Project & Program Visibility

Creating an Agile Program Management Office (PMO) establishes objective metrics and reporting processes that encourage business agility, not hinder it. Today’s Agile delivery approaches require PMO operations that support decentralized program execution while balancing compliance with speed.

Operational Excellence-Project Overload

Project Overload

Centralized work intake approaches can lead to inflated portfolios that exceed project demand capacity. Project overload occurs, negatively impacting program delivery capability and leading to missed target timelines and performance outcomes. Modern portfolio management supports Agile and enables nimble initiatives, redirecting funding as market situations evolve. Read Case Study 1   |  Read Case Study 2

Operational Excellence - Resource Bottlenecks

Resource Bottlenecks

Resources limited by operational silos and organizational boundaries severely hamper Agile and Lean methods and lead to resource contention, underutilized resources, and missed objectives. Teams organized around value streams, and reoriented toward customer centricity, are better suited to support continuous delivery and optimized value flow. Read Case Study

SDLC Partners Maximizes Portfolio Performance with Operational Excellence Services

Business and technology leaders look to SDLC Partners for solutions and expertise to assess, assemble, manage, and align their product and project portfolios with the strategies and stakeholders needed for success. We uniquely guide them to evolve business processes, systems, and workforce capacity to achieve a new level of efficiency, quality, and speed.

We build your capability through designing, developing, and mentoring your team on Agile and Lean delivery approaches, ensuring your team can effectively execute on portfolio objectives.

Learn more about our Operational Excellence offerings:

Operational Excellence - Strategy and Investment Alignment

Strategy and Investment Alignment

Our Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) offering is the critical link between strategic intent and initiatives that deliver your strategy objective. We assess the current portfolio practices and apply modern approaches that move an organization toward product-based value stream management. In collaboration, clients can more easily decide on the right initiatives to support and adjust budgets dynamically, giving maximum control and flexibility in the face of digital disruption and the potential for innovation. Read Insight

Operational Excellence - Agile Program Execution

Agile Program Execution

Clients achieve successful digital transformation by moving from traditional PMOs to Agile program management offices that leverage productive frameworks and services. Our practical, collaborative approach marries training and coaching to ensure that an established PMO or portfolio management process is one you own, control, and adapt. We add value by recommending, enhancing, and establishing the best Lean-Agile portfolio management processes and patterns that fit your unique needs. Read Insight

Operational Excellence - Lean Governance

Lean Governance

We maximize your technology spend, creating an optimum level of oversight and investment allocation to ensure that budgeting and governance don’t hold back your team’s productivity. From structuring and estimating initiatives to establishing funding and monitoring processes that span the organization, we work with you to create collaborative budgets, as well as conduct Lean audits to ensure compliance, forecast expenses, and accurately measure and report spend.

Learn more about how SDLC Partners maximizes portfolio performance while adhering to best practices, standards, and budgets. Talk to an Operational Excellence expert or request more information.

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Operational Excellence Delivers Digital Transformation ROI

Companies choose SDLC Partners to realize their transformation story through Lean and Agile product and portfolio management, ensuring that their technology investments enable a cycle of sustainable, measurable digital delivery and quality.

Improve Strategic Alignment

We align your portfolio to enterprise strategy by establishing processes that are collaborative and fit your appetite for innovation. Our approach eliminates chronic overload and increases confidence in strategic investment, as well as decisions around technology and resources supported by regular inspection and fluid adaptation. Read Case Study

Improve Capability and Capacity

Manage your portfolio with a higher level of control balanced with flexibility, maximizing the value of Lean and Agile. Read Case Study

Agile and Lean Program Execution

Create execution effectiveness alongside a nimble roadmap that enhances transparency, adaptability, and value. In addition to appropriate governance and fiduciary guardrails, your portfolio initiatives can take advantage of our Application Development services to simplify solutions and investment decisions while expediting delivery. Read Case Study

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