QA Testing

Software testing and IT quality assurance 

Today’s increasingly complex IT landscape is a fast moving, constantly changing combination of methodologies, tools, processes, people, and constraints – all competing for limited resources, continuous software releases, and faster time to market. If you’re concerned that a lack of flexibility, capability, and capacity could hinder your software quality, we offer unique expertise that can help you realize the promise of your software and enable you to achieve your desired results.

  • Are you constantly struggling with adjusting staffing levels up or down to meet project demand?
  • Does it seem like starting over every time you bring in a new resource, losing application and domain knowledge?
  • Are your customers finding defects in production?
  • Can you trust only your expert testers to regression test applications?
  • Are you using offshore testing and the value is lower than promised and the hidden costs are higher?
  • Does your team pull heroic efforts to make your release dates, or often miss them?
  • Do you use new tools and development methodologies, but still test the same old way?
  • Is test data a scapegoat for testing issues and is it costing you more time and money than you realize?

If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s time to talk to SDLC Partners and learn how we can help you with these common challenges. Our high performing Software Testing and Quality Assurance team comprises nearly 100 professionals experienced in all aspects of software development lifecycle testing. Our domestic-based team provides clients with end-to-end strategy and solutions and a competitive onshore option to enhance your software testing and quality assurance capability.

Our services and capabilities include:

A few of our key services are described below:

Quality Assurance Assessment
Simply assigning a team of testers to verify code changes as a final step of the development process doesn’t work anymore; today’s digital and agile world requires involvement in every software development aspect from inception through maintenance. Achieving this level of maturity and proficiency requires consistent collaboration between business and IT stakeholders. We have built our success not only on understanding and implementing the disciplines of software development, but by excelling in SQA strategy that draws on the experience of successful leaders in business domains, technical capabilities, and process efficiency. These experiences allow us to get to the root of your problem by assessing your software quality processes, practices, organizations, technology enablement, and data to help you build the roadmap that will allow you to achieve your desired results more quickly.

Managed Testing
A large testing team that scrambles to keep up during crunch time and doesn’t have enough work to stay busy between releases is a huge drain on budget and money that could be better spent providing tangible value to customers. Even worse, having developers and analysts perform testing after their work is done, introduces significant risk by not having an objective assessment by trained quality professionals. Sending testing work offshore promises to lessen these problems but inevitably introduces many more as you struggle to overcome communication, time zone, knowledge retention, and other issues and delays. Our proven approach and techniques coupled with our domestic high-performing software testing and quality assurance professionals can be the answer for your software quality risk and capacity challenges. For more information, download our Managed Testing service brief.

Test Automation
The reasons to automate your software testing are inarguable: more consistent coverage of tests, a single test suite executed against multiple platforms/environments at once, results tracked with detailed evidence of failures, and on and on. The reason you aren’t automating is simple: lack of resources with the time and knowledge. That’s where SDLC comes in. Work with us to build an overall test automation strategy as well as an appropriate and maintainable set of functional regression tests that will let you finally address those nagging automation problems. For more information, download our Test Automation service brief.

End-to-End Mobile Testing
Mobile technology provides business a new way to deliver value to customers, partners, and staff, who increasingly expect it to be available any place, any time, and on any device. Mobile efforts struggle to realize the challenges of integration to existing systems of record, security or regulatory standards, multi-tiered architecture, agile techniques, user experience development, performance, and of course the multitude of consumer devices. These challenges add new dimensions of complexity to development and testing teams already strapped for time and resources. To be successful, mobile development teams must be challenged to think about using new testing strategies, drawing from a set of tools, processes, and techniques that differ from those used on traditional software projects. We know how to mitigate mobile software quality risk by controlling the independent variables and complexity, including consumer device testing. Our approach, testing methods and automation tools and techniques help guide or support you with your mobile application and responsive website testing needs. For more information, download our Mobile Testing service brief.

Test Data Management (TDM)
The way in which you manage your test data can be the difference between projects that meet schedules and budgets with good quality and applications that face unexpected defects in production. Having test data to perform development and testing well is a known need, but if you are like most organizations, you may be spending more time than you think on this initiative without realizing the projected results. For more information on how we can reduce your testing costs, shorten testing cycles, and improve application quality through TDM best practices, download our Test Data Management Brief.

We understand that the key to your software application development success is the reliability and quality of the solutions delivered. Our experience and success come from having a wealth of expertise, industry leading knowledge, a seasoned methodology, and a library of testing best practices and techniques.