PM & PMO Services

Helping CIOs manage complex integrations and process improvement projects through our expert guidance and best practices

Businesses are increasingly realizing that in order to remain relevant and competitive they must have the ability to respond quickly, efficiently, and strategically to market dynamics. Having that ability requires innovation and efficiency. The pressure is on to manage and prioritize them according to highest impact. This requires aligning business and IT priorities, steering both towards initiatives that align to the goals of the business. Since companies implement improvements through projects, effectively managing individual projects, as well as a portfolio of projects, requires a Program Management Office (PMO). A PMO can be one of the most vital assets any company can have. PMOs offer project selection and prioritization techniques, project management guidance and oversight, control and support that improves project quality, reduces cost and permits timely, confident decision making. Implemented correctly, PMOs demonstrate value and can be measured quantitatively through quality, timeliness, and cost.

Our PMO offerings provide expert guidance, best practices, and proven support throughout the improvement lifecycle.

We can assist you with establishing a PMO through the following services:
Clarification Services that uncover the benefits, the challenges and how to establish the roadmap for your PMO.

  • PMO Assessment
  • PMO Justification
  • Portfolio Rationalization
  • PMO Roadmap

Adoption Services that enable us to guide you and help your team to understand and embrace the organizational change, and help ensure alignment between business, IT, and initiative goals.

  • PMO Launch/Build
  • PMO Organizational Transformation
  • PMO Adoption Assessment
  • PMO Mentoring

Implementation Services that are configurable and flexible, developed around our dedication to flawless execution. Our highly experienced teams seamlessly integrate into your PMO to maximize and sustain the execution.

  • Certified Project Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Project Coordinators