Application Development

Our integrated end-to-end technology development services deliver results

Does your IT organization develop and deliver high-quality solutions that meet your end-user needs and expectations? Are your teams as fast, efficient, and effective as they should be? Our Application Development team, whether performing work at your location or at our domestic Solution Center, can extend your success, capacity, and value in design, development, testing and support of legacy, web and mobile applications development, and implementation.

We have extensive expertise in assisting companies to design and create application solutions that encapsulate legacy systems with service-oriented architecture (SOA) to build modern applications of all kinds, especially web, mobile web, and mobile. Our capability and success in providing turnkey solutions for our customers has provided the extra capacity needed, while ensuring higher quality, and a lower total cost and time to value.

Whether you require an SDLC Partners team-based approach, an outsourced solution, or an extension to your team, we can assist you in:

  • Outlining and managing lifecycle programs/projects, applications and portfolios to deliver business value
  • Using lean and agile methods to transform application development and delivery
  • Delivering custom applications and architecture that best support your business strategy and incorporates modern technologies and methods such as digital, mobile, enterprise content management, DevOps, and responsive design
  • Providing expertise in business process analysis, business systems analysis, architecture/design, code development, QA testing and automation, and managed maintenance
  • Improving requirements and QA practices through zero-defect application development, testing, and support