Agile Transformation Services

Helping CIOs transform their organizations through the foundations of increased agility

Today’s digital business is driving IT organizations toward the use of Agile practices. Engaging with customers effectively is critical so developing iteratively and getting feedback faster is essential. Many IT organizations have experimented with Agile pilot projects and aspire to extend Agile benefits to the enterprise. Yet, Agile transformations can prove challenging. How do you scale increased agility and velocity without jeopardizing quality? What is the right approach? What are the barriers and risks?

Agile outcomes can be remarkable. However, it does take focus and perseverance. Agile certainly involves many new techniques, approaches and tools, and more importantly, well-managed culture change. Some large-scale organizations can take years to truly embrace the new ways of thinking, collaboration and trust that are foundations of increased agility. You will need a clear vision, sound strategy and disciplined execution.

Our Clarify, Adopt, and Operate transformation approach can help you address your challenges throughout the Agile transformation lifecycle.

We can assist you in Agile transformation through the following services:

Our Agile clarification offerings uncover benefits and challenges your organization will face scaling Agile and establish the vision and strategy to drive the transformation.

  • Agile Readiness Assessment
  • Agile Business Case
  • Agile Adoption Roadmap

Our Agile adoption offerings help you accomplish the organizational change essential to achieve sustained results. We offer a full suite of services to support successful adoption throughout the transformation.

  • Agile Organization Change Support
  • Agile SDM Portal
  • Agile Mentoring

Our Agile operation offerings provide successful execution. When you need teams to innovate to improve their agility, experienced practitioners to lead by example or additional capacity to deliver agile projects, our skilled professionals integrate seamlessly into your agile teams and deliver high quality results through practical execution.

  • Agile Health Check
  • Certified Scrum Masters
  • Agile Project Managers
  • Agile Team Members