Office of the CIO

Today’s CIOs understand that their systems and operations must succeed in a customer-centric world and that they must direct their organization with that goal in mind. They must also provide infrastructure and services that allows for sustainable, competitive, and financially sound growth for their organization.


Our Office of the CIO services address all aspects of technology development, including support, project management, and execution across healthcare, retail, and other industries. Together, we can leverage the Office of CIO and reach across the c-suite to ensure our guidance, solutions, and support meet the greater strategy at hand.

We Focus on These Areas:


QA Testing

Supporting new systems to perform better, faster & soonerLearn More »

Project Management and PMO

Supporting major transition through expert project guidanceLearn More »

Agile Transformation

Creating iterative development that redefines organizationsLearn More »

Application Development

Creating digital and anti-fragile technologiesLearn More »

Collaboration with Results

While our Office of the CIO services focus on four key areas — QA Testing, Project Management and PMO, Agile Transformation, and Application Development — this service line and team works closely with our other services to solve complex challenges faced by CIOs. These complementary services include Business Transformation, Digital Strategy & Execution, as well as Business Intelligence & Analytics.


Our comprehensive portfolio of services and experience brings the best of proven methodologies, high-performing and focused teams to take your organization to the next level.  Our practical approach enables us to deliver added value during the entire process, enabling organizations to move ahead quickly. We integrate seamlessly with all levels and teams and we tailor every step to your needs. Our focus matches yours — improved performance, increased speed and savings.


Collaboration with results. That’s the added value of working with a team like ours.


Let’s start a conversation with just a few questions:

  • What business and technology problem do you want to address?
  • Where is your transformation lagging behind?
  • What does your future state look like?
  • Do you want help changing the climate and fostering collaboration?