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Our Business Intelligence and Analytics consultants will help you achieve the right Insights to make the best decisions in an evolving and complex business environment.

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BI Strategy Consulting

Maximize the value of the data you collect to provide the right insights to the right people at the right time, every time.

Features & Benefits of Business Intelligence & Analytics Consulting:

  • Create 360° view of your customer
  • Gain continuous insights that empower action
  • Achieve near real-time data exchange between systems
  • Control front- and back-end integrations to deliver seamless experiences
  • Protect your customers and bottom line through predictability
  • Use a Lean approach to realize and accelerate ROI

Creating a Business Intelligence Strategy

  • API-first, big data strategy
  • Data lake and repository design and implementation
  • Human-centered visualization design
  • Customer-hosted, private, and public cloud solutions
  • Intelligent automation and continuous learning
  • Custom reporting and insights as a service
  • Continuous improvement

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Reporting, dashboards, advanced visualization and end-user self-service are given the highest priority initiatives in enterprises focused on making BI a strategic foundation for growth.*

*Sources: Forbes. 2017 State of Business Intelligence And Predictive Analytics


Improved Analytics Enhances Retailer’s Inventory Processing

A national retailer was unable to accurately forecast inventory needs. They asked us to assist with the Forward Weeks of Coverage (FWOC) project.

Our business intelligence team implemented a new process to determine the necessary number of “coverage” weeks handled by the current inventory processing by the client.

Our method helped the client to develop a much clearer picture of their supply lines at a very low level of granularity to a high-level overview, painting a true picture of Forward Weeks of Coverage for each store, region, and overall company performance.

This has become the standard method of tracking inventory progress for the client.

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