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Designing Solutions with Your End User in Mind

Human-centered design a creative approach to improving customer or client engagement. By building a deep, and intimate, understanding of your client, we can create solutions that truly resonate with them. This involves generating and sharing ideas, turning those ideas into innovative designs, and finally creating an end-product that really connects with your audience.

Benefits of Human-Centered Design:

  • Unify customer experience across touchpoints and channels
  • Empower productive employees
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Reduce software rework
  • Achieve initial and sustained end-product adoption
  • Attract more prospects and acquire more clicks and sales

Services to Support Performance:

  • Service blueprinting and digital strategy
  • Enterprise UX to support backstage innovation
  • Intuitive user interface design
  • Agile UX embedded within development teams

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“Together, Health eTools and SDLC Partners helped advance our school-based platform to be the fastest, friendliest school EMR on the market, empowering school nurses to focus on care and the needs of their student-patients. In fact, we heard that school nurses are citing significant time savings with one sharing that she is saving about one hour at the end of every day and 16 hours at the end of the year when she tabulates reporting data.”

Cathy Hanson, Vice President of Strategy, Health eTools


Less Clicks, More Care: A world-class EHR application redesign

When Health eTools sought to create a next-generation version of their student electronic health record (EHR) platform, they turned to SDLC. Specifically, they wanted SDLC to redesign their application and refine their product requirements to provide a clear scope for the development teams. Finally, it would be SDLC’s responsibility to ensure our design was successfully implemented by the developers.

We followed our double-diamond Human-Centered Design (HCD) process to re-design the application. The team travelled all over Pennsylvania to observe nurses in their schools to better understand the users’ goals and pain points with the existing application.

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