Equipping Payers & Providers to Achieve Business & Care Objectives

SDLC Partners accelerates and simplifies the journey to improved health outcomes via custom, sustainable solutions that connect, interoperate, and automate across processes, systems, and data to reduce cost and improve experience.

We equip payers and providers with the right data analysis, operational systems, and modern technology solutions to create effective and engaging care experiences for patients, members, and employees. Our seasoned healthcare team designs and deploys flexible, scalable processes, digital enablers, and applications, as well as automation solutions that fit your IT ecosystem, budget, and timeline.

Problems Healthcare Consulting Solves | Use Cases

Healthcare organizations are looking for ways to scale and improve member, patient, and employee experiences while ensuring cost and time efficiencies. SDLC Partners solves the following cost, care, and experience challenges by enabling HCOs to deliver greater value from payer and provider programs, processes, and products. We equip healthcare decision-making and value-based care through solutions that knit together people and data while automating processes and systems.

Healthcare Consulting Services & Solutions Create Customer & Business Value

Healthcare business, programmatic, and technology leaders look to SDLC Partners for strategies, solutions, and support to deliver a new level of efficiency, quality, and value to their members and patients. We uniquely equip healthcare decision-making and value-based care with solutions that knit together people, systems, and data while automating processes and systems. We specialize in strategy and tactical solutions for across healthcare domains – particularly care management, membership, claims, analytics and reporting, compliance, organizational and digital transformation.

Learn more about our Healthcare Services and Solutions offerings:

Healthcare Strategy

We work with payer and provider leaders who want to improve decision-making through better access to data and genuine interoperation, using accelerators that deliver data while knitting together people, process, and systems towards more effective programs, consumer engagement, and health outcomes.

Two of our Strategy Services include:

FAST Goals© Facilitated Workshop

  • FAST Goals© is a facilitated approach that aligns organizational perspective, fast-tracks initiative planning and prioritization, and ensures metrics capture efficacy and performance.
  • In just one-to-three days, your team can achieve four objectives and start seeing results:
    1. Prioritize goals and build alignment within the team, creating a sustainable “North Star” that guides implementation and empowers teams
    2. Create or update a strategic or business plan to achieve desired goals
    3. Identify baseline measures and performance targets that equate success
    4. Establish a measurement infrastructure to track progress and performance

Rapid Response Facilitated Workshop

  • The Rapid Response Workshop is a facilitated approach for selecting the best solutions to address organizational challenges faced in the current-state and near-term while positioning for what’s on the horizon with speed, scale, and relevance.
  • This one-day facilitated workshop (virtual as of May 2020) guides your team through a disciplined approach to rapidly pivot products and services, business models, strategies and operations and ensure business continuity and strength in the face of disruption.

Healthcare Solutions

We equip various front- and back-end operations critical to healthcare success by creating custom solutions that serve at the point of decision, engagement, and interaction. These platforms, technologies, and microsolutions hide complexity and automate tasks, ensuring that your teams, patients, members, and employees are connected and achieving high-value care goals.

Some of our proprietary and custom development solutions include:

COVID-19 Response

  • Return-to-Office Pre-screening Solution
  • COVID-19 Test Pre-Screen Solution

Cohort/Care Management & Systems Integration Solutions

  • RPA Data Hound
    • Easily configurable and rapidly deployable within a 30-day timeline, these bots integrate data from external partners’ information systems into the ecosystem and provide the care manager with the best snapshot of information they need to interface with their patient/member.
  • Community RPA Tool
    • Integration solutions focused on assisting care managers in identifying the best community-based resources, such as food banks, detox facilities, and faith-based organizations, to meet patient and member needs via best-in-class hybrid automation that bridges the information gaps between internal systems and external partners whose services may be paper-based, employing smaller custom applications or platform systems.
  • Daily Anxiety/Stress Tracker
    • A “digital mood ring” that monitors stress and anxiety levels via short, focused questions and biometric data, providing visual feedback based on responses and trends while serving links to useful resources for patients and members. Along with addressing stress and anxiety, this application is extensible to other wellness-based use cases like diet modification, medication adherence tracking, or activity tracking.
  • Empressions “emotional impressions” Video Log Application
    • Empressions (aka “emotional impressions”) is a virtual environment where care managers offer personalized inspiration, affirmations, tips, and reminders to patients and members to reinforce agreed-upon actions and promote positive daily habits. Providing this interaction via video, versus emails or SMS texts, adds a personal touch to enhance virtual interactions during social distancing.
  • Call Preparation Module
    • Pre-configured, customizable, and sharable digital checklists that ensure the care manager and patients/members effectively prepare for their video and phone-based interactions, ensuring time engaging is maximized.
  • Value Calculator Dashboards
    • Building on our Value Calculator, these dashboards track outcomes important to the organization like cost savings, health outcomes, patient and member experience scores, among others. Defining, designing, and building a dashboard that serves the right metrics, to the right people, at the right time empowers timely decisions that yield positive outcomes.

Provider & Patient/Member Engagement

  • Just 3 Things app
  • Daily Emotional Status Tracker
  • Call Preparation Module
  • Patient Prioritization Module
  • Physician Referral Application
  • CM Mobile Application for Care Management
  • CareVivo™
  • Voice Integration of Questionnaires and Custom Extenders with Home IoT

Data Visualizations & Dashboard Accelerators

  • Value Calculator Dashboard
  • Payer Operational Reporting
  • Care Management Operations
  • Care Model Redesign
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Enterprise Transformation

Intelligent Automation for Healthcare

  • Custom Rules Engines & RPA Solutions for Membership Pre-Enrollment
  • RPA for Claims Processing & Audits
  • RPA for Payment & Prior Authorizations
  • RPA for Physician Credentialing
  • Automation for Batch File Processing & Rules Engines – problem definition, design, implementation, including process re-engineering & technical solution

Data Visualizations & Dashboard Accelerators

  • Value Calculator Dashboard
  • Payer Operational Reporting
  • Care Management Operations
  • Care Model Redesign
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Enterprise Transformation

Intelligent Automation for Healthcare

Healthcare Initiative Support & Project Management

We provide a variety of execution support and project management services to support  healthcare initiatives, programs, and investments that yield desired outcomes for the health of patients and members, as well as the organization. Our seasoned team has proven experience across a wide array of healthcare programs and areas of excellence:

Analytics, Dashboarding & Reporting

  • Custom Dashboard Definition, Design & Development
  • Predictive and Machine Learning Modeling
  • Healthcare Quality Measures
  • Data Migration

PHM Program Design & Operations

  • SDoH Program Strategy & Solution Implementation

Intelligent Automation

  • Interoperability & System Integration
  • Multi-Approach to Automation – AP, FHIR, RPA
  • Rules Engine Creation – Membership, Enrollment, Encounters
  • Problem Definition, Design & Implementation — Process Re-engineering and Technical Solutions
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Healthcare Services & Solutions Deliver Measurable Improvements to Value, Care, and Experience

Payers and providers choose SDLC Partners to help them create and implement smart solutions that achieve their strategic imperatives, including optimizing processes, reducing costs, maximizing business performance, and improving customer/employee experiences and satisfaction.

Reduce Cost & Enhance Efficiency

Simplify, connect, and automate your processes, data, and systems. Not only will greater efficiency reduce waste and remove gaps to care, these gains free high-value resources and empower members, patients, providers, and employees to achieve greater outcomes.

Streamline Decision-Making

Improve healthcare decision-making through better access to data and genuine interoperation. Our technology accelerators knit people, process, systems, and data together. Our solutions hide complexity while driving greater connection and efficiency with the goal of realizing value-based care goals and improved outcomes, experiences, and performance.

Greater Interoperability

Achieve compliance and the highest vision and performance of value-based, integrated care. Our custom solutions integrate processes, systems, and data within, across, and beyond systems and providers via interface and automation technology.

Accelerate Value, Scale & Solutions

Pivot your programs, products, and experiences quickly and seamlessly. Our solutions use modular building blocks and accelerators that ensure timely and frictionless deployment and scalability with success.

Improve Compliance

Ensure that your operations achieve performance and compliance in all areas, including reporting, as well as process and system enhancements.

Let’s Connect and Discuss Your Care, Cost & Business Objectives

How is your organization transforming healthcare experiences, outcomes, quality, and cost while optimizing technology to streamline operations and decision-making? Talk to a Healthcare Services and Solutions expert to accelerate your digital and care goals.

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