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Core Services Combined for Creating World-Class Products

Organizations are searching for the fastest and most sustainable route to creating digital products quickly and with the highest quality.

We call our suite of services that accomplishes that our Digital Enablement Model.

Essentially, this model outlines a menu of capabilities, technologies and services that can be custom-combined to produce desired organizational outcomes, including:

  • Strategic IT alignment
  • Digital disruption
  • Enterprise agility
  • An analytics-driven organization
  • An enterprise learning culture

We can address the client need across the full life cycle of change, architecture, design, deployment and adoption with a focus on continuous integration and quality via three phases – assess & strategize, deliver & manage and measure.

Product Development Collection

Your consumer-facing products and internal-facing tools are the engines that drive the company forward. The Digital Enablement Model is a collection taken from our full suite of services. It unites four of our core services to predictably deliver new digital solutions that are desirable, feasible, and viable.

At the end of the engagement, you receive all of the deliverables with the assurance that our teams of analysts, technologists, designers and project managers have used the best methodologies and technologies to create a product from scratch, reimagine an existing product or disrupt the process to leap frog the market.

The four core services include:

Human-Centered Design

Unifying desired customer experiences across touchpoints and channels.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

The path to simplifying enterprise interoperability and maintaining a connected, sustainable and extendable infrastructure.

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Application Development

Rapidly deploying technically and experientially high quality, enterprise-grade custom applications.

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Software Testing Services

Automation-First test strategy and execution including UI, API, performance, security, and load testing

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Why this approach?

We take a product development approach that puts emphasis on the areas where most projects fail. The following five areas give us the best opportunity to create world-class products that your customers, and stakeholders, will love.

  • Human-Centered: Design intuitive interfaces that support personalization, leverage user content, and achieve greater adoption.
  • Mobile-first: When designing for the web, allow for graceful degradation and progressive enhancement, so user can consume usable content on any device.
  • API-first: Computer-to-computer interfaces are intentionally designed, reviewed, and validated before any code is written.
  • Continuous Improvement: Product development is a continuous process of improvement, and code is kept in a deployment state at all times so that it can be immediately deployed on demand.
  • Cloud-first: Leverage ready-made service environments that enable faster time-to-market, allowing an incremental “pay-as-you-grow” cost strategy, and flexible usage scenarios.

Product Development Approach Diagram

We have seen that this approach can help clients improve, develop, and disrupt in a controllable fashion, creating solutions that exceed expectations and beat timelines as well as budgets.

If you’re looking for a repeatable process to create better products, faster, we can help you through our digital enablement and product development approach.


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