Extract Meaningful Intelligence from Disparate Enterprise Data

Data analytics and business intelligence mastery are crucial to whether you flourish or falter in this Digital Age. SDLC Partners equips your organization with smarter data analytics and guidance to drive value and business intelligence. We help you find, extract, and derive actionable insights from your data to create a better customer and employee experience.

Problems Data Analytics Solves | Use Cases

Data analytics is a key enabler to deriving value from various datum to make customer-centric product decisions. SDLC Partners uncovers the answers you’re looking for and solves the following problems that require a new perspective, context awareness, or robust analysis.

Data Analytics - Incomplete Data

Incomplete or Inaccurate Data

Business is data-driven. If there is missing or inaccurate data, you can’t adequately measure business performance or make informed decisions about which direction you should take moving forward. Understanding what data is currently collected, versus what’s needed, is critical to providing meaningful insights to grow your business. Read Case Study

Data Analytics - Inaccessible Data

Inaccessible Data

Knowing data exists within your organization is just the first step. You can’t unleash the value of your data without adequate access and a way to consume it in a meaningful and useful form. Often, needed data is inaccessible or has become irrelevant by the time it’s available.

Data Analytics - Asking Questions

Asking the Wrong Questions

While it is possible to derive a plethora of analysis using a given data set, asking the right business questions, and representing data insights in an eloquent format, will give you greater understanding and confidence in decisions based on data analysis. Your data science capabilities should guide leadership to ask better questions and uncover more impactful answers, which drives innovation and ideation.

Data Analytics - Non-intuitive Data Representation

Non-Intuitive Data Representation

Data that isn’t displayed or communicated in a way that’s easy to absorb and trust can lead you to make the wrong decision, creating severe business consequences. Data analytics, combined with Design Thinking, ensures that your data dashboards and reports give each user the right context, data points, and data visualizations that empower more insightful decisions.

SDLC Partners Maximizes Business Value & Impact with Data Analytics Services

Business transformation, digital transformation, and data analysis are intimately connected, and transformation success relies on accessible, consumable, context-aware data analysis, and reporting. Business and technology leaders look to SDLC Partners for solutions and expertise to move their data analytics journey from descriptive-to-prescriptive and discovery-to-operationalization.

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Data Anayltics - Data Preparation

Data Preparation

Automation has streamlined our ability to gather, cleanse, validate, and prepare your data for analysis. SDLC Partners breaks data collection and analysis bottlenecks by defining an appropriate preparation strategy, recommending the right tools to evolve your analytical maturity towards becoming self-sustaining.

Data Analytics - Data Visualization

Data Visualization

All too often, executives don’t trust reports and they question their results. Plus, different leadership roles only want to see data that’s relevant to them. SDLC Partners creates fit-to-purpose dashboards, reports, and data visualizations grounded in data science and design thinking that ensure accurate interpretations and meaningful conclusions.

Data Analytics - Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

Our tools and know-how answer critical questions like “What happened and why?” Using statistics, data segmentation and stratification, as well as trend and correlation analysis, we uncover patterns within your organization and your customer base. Descriptive analytics provides clarity and insight from everyday data throughout your enterprise.

Data Analytics - Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

We equip you to determine “What is likely to happen next?” and answer the critical question, “What should we do?” Predictive and statistical modeling, coupled with machine learning business rules and algorithms, deliver robust predictive and prescriptive analytics. It enables a new level of sophistication to your decision-making, including on-demand forecasting and real-time customization of customer experiences and recommendations.

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Data Analytics Creates Wiser, More Agile Organizations

Companies choose SDLC Partners to help them consistently apply a customer-centric approach to data analytics. We leverage data science tools and techniques to equip clients to make timely and sound business decisions, positively evolving your products and services, customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as market value and operational agility.

Stay Close to the Customer

Sophisticated data analytics capabilities will level-up your ability to observe and respond to customer opinions, wants, and feedback while using these insights to drive product innovation and market differentiation. Read Case Study

Visibility into Performance Indicators

Proactively track your business goals and KPIs in real-time. Vastly improve your ability to identify high-value data and leverage visualizations to represent your progress and next steps as you pivot and reorient your business around optimized insights.
Read Case Study 1  | Read Case Study 2

Faster, Better Decision-Making

Enable faster and more informed decision-making by providing the right data and analysis at the right time for each role. Your data can be trusted when it’s in a format that maximizes usability and value towards achieving your business goals as they flex and change. Data analytics creates opportunities to ask new and different questions that drive innovation and ideation. Read Case Study

Prepare for Market Opportunities Sooner

Early insights into market opportunity embolden your ability to respond and evolve your products and services sooner than the competition. Make your data an integral part of your business decisions, giving you an invaluable focus on strategic action. Read Case Study

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