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Simplicity Enabled.

Your approach to business process plays a pivotal role in your enterprise viability. Our Lean/Human-Centered approach maximizes how your processes deliver value to your customers, business, and employees.

How Your Organization Will Benefit from Our Business Process Transformation Consulting Services:

  • Meet business objectives through data-driven and measurable performance improvement
  • Standardize and scale what works well across the enterprise
  • Eliminate costly errors and backlog through balanced execution control
  • Adapt to market, business, and regulatory changes with confidence
  • Remove waste in all forms and enable new opportunities for innovation
  • Instant deployment and faster integration that’s secure and scalable

Services to Support Performance:

  • Current and future-state process design – Lean and Human-Centered Design inspired
  • Policy and procedure creation and refinement
  • Near real-time analytics driving improved performance
  • Intelligent automation including robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML)
  • Multi-point risk assessment, audit, and governance

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23% Generation Y (ages 23-37) will stop using a product or service because of a poorly designed mobile experience. *

*Source: Forrester. ‘Raising the Bar


Large Healthcare Organization Implements Streamlined Business Process Transformation

A large healthcare organization launched a comprehensive strategy to objectively assess and improve clinical strategy and operations to optimize administrative costs and reduce care costs.

This strategy required rapid termination of an existing care management vendor relationship and a subsequent build-up of services and capabilities in-house.

Using our leading Total Health Management (THM) framework, we quickly deployed a team to initiate the strategy by analyzing and reengineering over 500 processes and implementing four major clinical platforms in just eight months.

The health organization was able to save over $15 million annually in administrative cost savings, increase utilization of preventative wellness programs as well as improve healthcare product and service market penetration.

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