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RPA for Healthcare Delivers Efficiency & Cost Savings

Healthcare organizations are becoming more interwoven, interoperable, and knit together than ever before. These connections around data, people, processes, and systems create complexity that require greater levels of effort, accuracy, and speed. Robotic Process Automation is the solution to these challenges.

Automation Solutions to Address COVID-19:

Healthcare is Ripe for Automation

SDLC Partners’ Healthcare Solutions Service has been accelerating healthcare’s advance towards interconnectedness for over 15 years, creating solutions that streamline or mask complexity, and enable value-based care goals and improved outcomes, experience, and performance.

Now, we’re bringing the proven value of intelligent automation technologies, like robotic process automation (RPA), to specific healthcare challenges, as well as across the healthcare enterprise.

There are two ways that we deliver automation value to our healthcare clients:

  1. Automation solutions that are function-specific
  2. Assessing the potential for intelligent automation across wider and deeper swaths of function within the enterprise

Automation Solutions Address Claims, Membership, and Provider Challenges

Claims, membership, and provider management are three areas where speed and accuracy are critical. Increasing both can have a transformative effect on operations, cost savings, as well as member, provider, and employee satisfaction.

Three Claims & Membership Automation Solutions

Error handling and remediation are costly, including the manual steps to identify and fix, spanning multiple departments with varied task cycle times.  

Each of these automation solutions focuses on incoming file processing and subsequent error handling and audit for payer membership (834 files) and claims (837 files) 

Our automation solutions are effective because they improve and automatfile processing, error handling and audit, thereby: 

  • Reducing PMPM cost 
  • Enhancing member and provider satisfaction  
  • Prevent defects and workflow defects and issues  
  • Improve cycle time when errors do occur 

Plus, these solutions increase employee satisfaction by streamlining their workload and decreasing frustration and errors require resolution. This is especially true during those stressful peak times like onboarding and training and open enrollment.

  • Claims Processing 
  • Claims Audits 
  • Membership Pre-enrollment 

Discover Where Automation Can Save Time & Budget Across your HCO

How can you know where automation technology could be most impactful? And, which use cases merit priority?

Our automation for healthcare service provides strategic process and system assessment services and solutions wherever the need and value are greatest.

We help you determine that path through a structured process of assessment, solution design (or re-design) and build. While our structure brings rigor, our collaborative team brings novel and tailored solutions to your unique membership, system, and organization.

Automation is Key to Healthcare Transformation

Imagine if your mission-critical operations achieved a quantum level improvement in accuracy and efficiency that led to improved capacity, cost containment, and member/employee experiences. Automation is the key to that next level of function and efficiency.

If you’re working hard to grow your impact and organization, but systems keep breaking, we can help make your processes whole and streamline what works through automation. Also, if you’re already invested in automation, but you’re not certain you have a well-working process, we can help ensure you automate a perfected system.

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We Deliver Results

RPA can carry out indispensable, high-volume, and laborious tasks faster and with more accuracy, leading to faster service, less error correction, and less overall waste.

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