Use our guide to discover and vet measurable automation outcomes.

SDLC Use Case Guidebook

Get the Guidebook: “Identifying and Quantifying High-Value, Quick-Win RPA Projects.”

RPA can carry out indispensable, high-volume and laborious tasks faster and with more accuracy, leading to faster service, less error correction, and less overall waste.

However, uncovering the right automation use cases and ensuring that you choose the highest value projects that benefit the organization can be challenging.

Our guidebook will help you identify functional areas within the business that could benefit from automation, and zero in on those manual processes to explore further for automation value.

Plus, we share our client Discovery Process and the questions that we use to measure value and determine whether an automation project is worth pursuing.

Every downloaded guidebook comes with a link where you can request a FREE Feasibility Score from our Intelligent Automation team for up to five use case ideas.

Once you have the guidebook, what’s next?

We invite you to submit up to five use case ideas to our Intelligent Automation team to have them calculate a feasibility score for each and share that on a brief call. Once you’ve completed the worksheets in the guidebook, submit each idea via the link in the pdf or here.

Feel free to share this resource with others on your team who may be involved in helping you vet and explore the potential and value of intelligent automation, like RPA.