RPA Automates Bank Processing of PPP Loan Forgiveness

SDLC Partners works with banks to deploy Robotic Process Automation that streamline and simplify the manual steps to process PPP loan forgiveness applications, documentation, and communication.

Bots can be deployed quickly to relieve your staff from many of the laborious, manual steps required to comply with government rules and timelines. Plus, it’s simple to update bots as rules and requirements change.

RPA bots solve the three problems you face in processing a high volume of PPP loan forgiveness applications in time:

Problem #1:  Classifying Forgiveness Applications

Calculating the loan forgiveness amount is complex and fraught  with change and challenges. We automate data integration among your system and SBA documents and systems to  ensure that you can accurately and seamlessly classify loan forgiveness documentation.

Problem #2: Reconciling Loan Docs with Forgiveness Apps

Documentation processing is a huge task and manually onerous. We ensure document calculation accuracy and simplify accounting reconciliation, automating key tasks and data entry.

Problem #3: Processing Forgiveness Decision Documentation

Ensuring that borrowers receive timely decisions and complete, accurate information for loan repayment terms is critical to customer service success and program oversight. We equip your team to handle the deluge of documentation and streamline accurate communication.

Let us simplify and streamline your PPP loan forgiveness applications, documentation, data exchange, and decision results.