RPA Solutions for COVID-19 Test Pre-Screen & State Reporting

Healthcare organizations are facing two COVID-19 testing challenges as they scale-up testing and reporting capacity.

We’ve worked with our global automation partner, UiPath, to conquer these problems with Robotic Process Automation – eliminating manual testing pre-screening and automating test results reporting to state health agencies.

Deployed in as little as 3 days with minimal cost and time investment from you, our RPA bots enable you to ramp up operations quickly and scale to process 1K, 10K, even 100K+ daily COVID-19 tests.

They work 24-7 and can adapt as your testing and COVID-19 operations needs change.

  • Automate Test Pre-screening: While testing is still being rationed, an RPA bot can automatically process your intake form, validate for completeness, pre-screen those patients who require COVID-19 testing now, and persist data to all data systems.
  • Automate Test Reporting: This RPA bot automates the manual steps to send COVID-19 test results to your state’s health reporting system along with patient information and demographics.

These best-in-class RPA solutions can address the current challenges you’re facing with COVID-19 operations, and they are fast and flexible to adapt as your workflow and automation needs change throughout the pandemic.

Since 2017, we’ve offered proven Robotic Process Automation expertise and solutions, helping healthcare streamline operations, increase revenue, and provide better downstream care and experiences.

Let’s discuss how RPA can help you automate and scale COVID-19 testing operations now. Complete the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.