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Real-Time Control and Data Over Your Return-to-Office During COVID-19

As businesses transition back to the office, and anticipate more foot traffic, employers are tasked with following strict CDC guidelines and regulations to protect employees and customers and work to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We have developed a solution to help you manage the tedious tracking and administrative tasks with pre-screening employees and ensuring that they are “fit for duty” and healthy to return to the office.

Why Use an App to Manage Your Return-to-Office Process?

Our “Return-to-Office Pre-Screening and Scheduling” solution provides two main benefits:

  1. The solution helps employers manage in-office foot traffic and provides real-time information on how many employees to expect onsite, ensuring that everyone admitted to the office has been screened and has met clinical requirements.
  2. The solution asks each employee a few, simple questions and provides a real-time decision if they are approved to return to the office or it alerts them if they should continue to work from home (due to the number of employees scheduled in-office), receive a COVID-19 screening test, or self-quarantine based on their pre-screening answers.

Deployed Quickly with Flexibility as COVID-19 Rules Change

Deployed quickly and with minimal cost and time investment from you, our Return-to-Office solution enables you to maintain control over your return-to-office process and resume business operations in compliance with CDC guidelines.

This best-in-class solution addresses the current challenges you are facing with COVID-19 regulations.  It is fast and flexible, adapting as your workflow needs change, according to evolving regulations and guidelines.

Return to Work-School Prescreening
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Confidence and Control Over In-Office Employee Contingent

Contact us to discuss how the Return-to-Office solution can give you confidence and efficient control over this new phase of operations, ensuring a safe and smooth transition that keeps your business moving forward successfully.

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