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Why Your Business Needs Custom Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us

Have you ever wondered how some businesses know how to increase the value of every transaction effortlessly, while others don’t? What would happen if every transaction your business makes increases by another twenty-five, fifty, or more?   Consistently closing higher-value leads with higher-value transactions has the propensity to be life-changing.

There are many reasons eighty percent of all businesses fail within the first five years.  This article provides an insight that may just put you on the pathway to Custom Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us that will open the doors for more prosperity and creating value for your clients. A beautifully planned Custom Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us can mean the difference between building a legacy for your family or slipping away into slowly becoming a statistic.  You see, nobody seems to care about statistics until they become one.  Should you accept a shift in mindset, you accept the opportunity to change the results of your business, year after year.

What Is A Custom Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us ?

A value ladder is an organized approach to Custom Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us mapping out your product and service offerings so that the value and price of each lends itself to your customers stepping up to the next higher-value offer.  A good value ladder allows clients to get their needs met as they increase their level of interaction by buying more from your business (Scotland, 2019).  


What About Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us Acquisition?

Here’s the deal--it’s a lot cheaper and easier to retain your customers than it is to acquire new ones. Customer acquisition should be high on your priority list. But if you don’t have Custom Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us ready to go, then you are missing an opportunity and the spoils will go to your competitors.


Make an Custom Irresistible Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us

Let’s use the example of a dentist. We’ve all been to one, most of us don’t like having to go, but when we need a dentist--suddenly that dentist is the most important service provider in the world.  If you have an aversion to being worked on by a dentist you’ll probably avoid getting Custom Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us from the dentist’s chair until you absolutely have to.


A smart dentist may want to plan a Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us campaign that gives a large amount of value for a minimal price just to get people in the door.  The dentist starts with providing an offer that gets people in the door. This is called an “irresistible offer.”  A Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us offer has the effect of causing a person to stop what they are doing and focus on the offer being made.  The offer may be a dental cleaning, for example.  For a mechanic it may be a free brake check, for a chiropractor it may be an adjustment, and for software company the offer may be a free trial.


The goal of an irresistible offer is to get leads calling and scheduling appointments.  Make sure to have your best sales closer answering calls during business hours.  Don’t let the phone call go to voicemail if you are going to the effort of Custom Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us .  It undermines your efforts and it is possible that the lead will simply go to your competitors.


Back to our example, let’s say the lead schedules a dental cleaning.  The dentist examines the new patient and discovers a cavity.  The patient knows the consequence of leaving his or her teeth unattended for several more months.  That cavity leads to a new paying patient.  


Let’s crunch some numbers:  If the dentist acquires one hundred (100) leads this month at the cost of *five dollars () per lead through a Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us campaign, forty (40) of those leads may have cavities that need immediate repair, a further ten (10) or twenty (20) people out of those people will require major dental procedures such as a root canal, cosmetic work, implants, or crowns.  This is how a few hundred dollars becomes worth thousands of dollars in patient revenue for a savvy dental practice.  


Think about the Custom situation in is a holistic way and see if it applies to your business model:


  1. When a lead looks for a new dentist, there’s a good chance the service is needed as soon as possible.  The provider who is making the right offer at the right time has the best chance of winning this new patient. The takeaway is, the right timing and offer is everything. 
  2. In the patient’s foremost of thoughts, they hope the dentist has prioritized his/her comfort.
  3. In exchange, the patient is willing to pay a fair price for the service.
  4. The Custom Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us understands patient needs and builds sustainability into the dental practice by implementing The Value Ladder. 
  5. Bonus points:  If the patient doesn’t have major restorative dental needs at the first appointment, the dentist should build rapport and create a long-term patient. 
  6. The lifetime value of a patient is valuable.  Goodwill is a tangible and quantifiable asset that increases the value of any business.


Solve Others Needs by Creating Your Own Value Ladder


Implement your own value ladder.  Select three to five different services or products your business provides and start organizing.  Things are about to get busy:


  1. Create a profile of your ideal client.  Think about the problems they experience and how your business solves those exact issues. 
  2. Create an offer that will bring potential customers in.  The offer must be low-resistance.  It should not leave the reader feeling apathetic.
  3. Imagine guiding your clients through a series of higher value and higher cost products or services.  If you predict Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us or any hiccups or logic flaws, take care of it now and keep arranging until your offerings are flawless.   Helpful hint: You may need to have a second or third set of eyes help with objectivity as you build your Value Ladder.  
  4. Implement Value Ladder.  
  5. Nurture and onboard your leads via the use of email drip campaigns or a Messenger Bot.  Guide your future clients through common problems and show how your business provides solutions to their burning pains.  


The Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us Value Ladder is the perfect opportunity to grow and nurture customer relationships.  Every step within the value ladder ascends to a higher value and higher price point.  The Value Ladder gives you the opportunity to build peace of mind as you connect with client needs and prosper while solving their burning pains.


In summary, eighty percent of businesses fail for more reasons than lack of capital, leadership failure, lack of uniqueness, poor financial management, or rapid growth, and over-expansion.  This is an oversimplified way of justifying why things didn’t work out.  When we don’t get what we want, we get experience.  While experience is completely underrated it is also expensive.


*Cost per Acquisition is an example Design Thinking Consulting Firm Us / number and not an indicator of actual Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).  This number may vary vary based on circumstances, campaign, dentist, locality, and other variables.