Pittsburgh Firms Partner to Accelerate Digital Innovation

Pittsburgh Tech Council’s Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting sat down with our co-founder, Scott Barnyak, and Steve Frank, a principal with our strategic partner ThoughtForm, to talk about our collaboration. Scott and Steve share how their teams are working with healthcare organizations that are on a journey of digital transformation.

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Scott Barnyak, Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Scott Barnyak,
Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Steve Frank,
Principal, Director of Business Development

As the world continually shifts and the customer journey becomes more and more important, it’s just not about the technology. As SDLC Partners continued to grow out User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Human Centered Design (HCD) capabilities, and Design Thinking, getting together with the team at ThoughtForm just made a lot of sense.

A 40-year-old strategy and design consultancy, ThoughtForm marries with SDLC’s business, process, and technology expertise to deliver a blended approach to helping organizations that are challenged with mission-critical transformations.

Across all industries, but particularly healthcare, the pandemic specifically has forced a lot of organizations to make shifts and even larger pivots in their business. Our combination of skills and expertise have been a good fit to help those organizations find their way through that transformational journey.

Scott and Steve highlight a client they are collaborating with now. “A company that we’re working with needs to redesign their customer service process and the associated technologies. They’ve continued to grow both organically and through acquisition. Their business units have unique customer sets and they’re looking to see where there is overlap in customer segmentation and customer preferences. Then, (they’re) also trying to optimize the people who support that. We’re taking some of the tried and true frameworks that we have around business and IT alignment, and layering in design thinking and cultural impact to really have the customer step back, explore the possibilities, and then build a roadmap that identifies quick wins along the way.

We find that business model shifts, first, and then the technology responds to them. And, so, you really must understand what that shift means to the organization. What it means to the individuals that support that organization. How they can align to that shift in their workflow process, or an engagement model, or a customer support experience. And, then, work your way forward in terms of making sure the organization is fit and ready for that shift. It can be incremental or can be disruptive.”

COVID has been an accelerant — almost a catalyst for change. And so how can organizations move with speed? How can they be responsive to those needs? How can I do it authentically and sustainably? Those are big challenges we’re definitely seeing and that’s across all industries.”

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