SDLC Partners Implements New Program to Enhance STEM Learning and Experience

PITTSBURGH, P.A., April 29, 2020 – SDLC Partners, a business and technology consulting company, created and implemented a new program aimed to increase STEM knowledge and experience for children and young adults in the community. This goal reflects SDLC’s mission to further STEM awareness by enhancing learning of the next generation.

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SDLC Partners’ program, STEM for Kids, launched in January 2020. Soon after launch, the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, creating a shift to work from home and online schooling. SDLC saw this an opportunity to support both its STEM mission as well as its employees with young children at home. The organization’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) team came together with its Partner, UiPath, and quickly prepared an interactive RPA course for kids aged 8-16. “As a parent during the pandemic, I was faced with managing school-aged children at home while also staying focused during the workday. It was tough. A couple of team members and I got together to come up with a way we could engage children in an educational activity so that parents could focus on their work knowing their kids were also being productive. It was a win-win!”, stated Paul Joseph, SR. Manager and STEM for Kids Project Lead.

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Fifteen kids enrolled in the program and each student was assigned a mentor from SDLC. In preparation for the course, the students were able to download free software from UiPath, a global software company that develops a platform for robotic process automation. This enabled hands on learning with cutting edge technology. Working with them over the duration of the course, the mentor provided interactive 1:1 attention, instruction, and feedback to maximize learning. The kids were guided through an extensive experience to learn more about RPA technology and had the opportunity to present their work to SDLC’s leadership team at the conclusion of the program. By the end of their learning period, each child had enhanced their RPA knowledge and developed further problem-solving skills. Residually, this allowed the parents a productive and educational solution during this period of remote work.

Looking forward, SDLC is continuing its commitment to increase STEM awareness among employees’ children and teens. Scott Barnyak, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer is thrilled with the concentrated STEM effort, “Since its inception, SDLC has always been focused on supporting our community, particularly the youth, since our future is in their hands. The STEM for Kids’ program is a great way to engage our employees’ children. As we prove the success of this educational program, we will look to scale it out and impact even more of our region’s youth.”

SDLC is developing plans beyond this initial program and have TechTalks slated to begin on April 30. These will allow high school students to speak directly to employees about their career journeys, to engage with a Q&A, and to start developing an accurate idea of the daily role within a STEM career.

Further, SDLC is actively investing in its community through regional partnerships to support Pittsburgh-area school STEM programs. SDLC brings its career experts into the schools to educate and discuss STEM careers, and they are actively seeking additional innovative ways to do so during the current pandemic.For more information on the STEM for Kids program, contact us.

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