Intelligent Automation Leader Highlights Consulting and Robotic Process Automation Careers at SDLC Partners.

SDLC Partners’ Intelligent Automation (IA) Service Lead, Paul Joseph, presented during the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s second 2020 virtual STEM Summit held on October 5-9 and October 13-16, 2020.

Over 193 K-12 educational institutions, including students, teachers, and administrators, participated in the nine-day virtual event, showcasing the diverse array of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related careers that are available in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Paul Joseph, a seasoned digitization leader, answered student questions about intelligent automation technologies, like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), highlighting the role and skills of the consultant as a problem solver. He focused on the characteristics of a successful consultant and why giving back to the community is important to be a well-rounded professional.

He reflected on the popular event, “It was a wonderful opportunity to speak with students, educators, and administrators about the role of consultant and how we help clients solve important problems. Coming from a family of educators, this is a great event to highlight the connection between real-life and the work that we do at SDLC Partners, including intelligent automation.”

The virtual STEM Summit is designed to help connect regional teachers and students to technology companies that are powering Pittsburgh’s success.

The virtual STEM Summit is among several 2020 events SDLC Partners has spearheaded or created as part of their ongoing mission to support STEM, including their Community Skill-Up program, their STEM for Kids program, and Microsoft Training workshops. 

K-12 students, teachers, and administrators can access SDLC Partners’ presentation, as well as all of the virtual presentations online.

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