New consulting division structure and elevated leadership provide increased agility and flexibility for clients and employees within a culture of innovation

As part of a comprehensive organizational structure change, SDLC Partners has elevated two of their vice presidents to lead the new configuration, consisting of a Solutions Team and a Consulting Team. The Solutions Team is led by Ryan King, Vice President of Services and The Consulting Team is led by Katherine Huber, now Vice President of Consulting Services and Human Resources. The new team structure is part of a strategy to predicate market movement and increase staff synergy and value to clients.

Chris Simchick, the CEO, stated, “We believe the new structure will improve outcomes, accountability, and provide greater alignment to our services strategy. Additionally, the new structure supports our investment strategy to build the skills and readiness in alignment with where the market is going.”

The Solutions Team will focus on end-to-end organizational, business, process, and technological transformation that require cross-functional teams of experts. “In just one year with us, Ryan has helped us evolve to the next level. His leadership of the Solutions Team will fuel our investment in more innovative, broader capabilities and large-scale leaps for our clients,” said co-founder, Scott Barnyak, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

The Consulting Team will focus on providing a team of individual contributors across a myriad of skill sets and certifications. Huber will provide a seamless bridge, enabling both teams to meet client needs quickly and with the best expert performance available.

“As the Vice President of human resources for over seven years, Katherine is well-suited to ensure that we have the right, talented professionals at the ready to meet our clients’ individual- and team-focused solutions,” added Simchick.

King and Huber began their new, expanded roles in May.

King shares, “Organizing ourselves within these two teams, but with access across all of our service lines, gives us the edge over other consultancies. It makes us nimbler and more efficient. We can respond to our continued growth, faster, creating cross-functional solution teams easily.”

Huber agrees, “This structure supports SDLC Partners’ growth goals, making us the go-to choice in the market. It facilitates a new level of collaboration and alignment across sales, services, delivery, and shared services.’

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