Free Skill-Building Program for Local Students Launches July 2020

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SDLC Partners, a business and technology consulting firm specializing in delivering customized digital solutions to transform business, has acted to equip the next generation through a “Community Skill Up” program.

SDLC Partners recognized an opportunity to help college students and recent college grads in the face of expounding economic difficulties impacting job markets and hiring capacities. A team of employees brought the idea forward to create a skill-building program, and took the lead in developing this complementary program with educational and practical courses. These courses provide multi-faceted benefits, allowing individuals to test new areas of interest while giving foundational skills and learning with a career-driven focus.

Starting July 09, 2020, and spanning into September, these foundational complementary courses are taught by one or multiple subject matter experts (SMEs). The course duration ranges from 5 days to 10 days, and classes are typically offered as 1 – 2-hour sessions per day.

Subject Matter Specialist and Community Skill Up program lead, Khushnuma Kadwa, is thrilled for the program to ramp up, “Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, students and recent graduates are faced with a challenging time to be on the job hunt or in search of an internship. We are so thrilled to leverage our expertise in a way to help the students through continued education during the summer. Our goal is to help participants gain a competitive edge in this tight job market!”

Free Courses on Automation, Cybersecurity, Programming & More

Classes offered include Intro to Agile which delineates the basics of agile for conceptual understanding and tools such as JIRA and slack; Lean Six Sigma Intro which describes components of Continuous Improvement; Cybersecurity Fundamentals which instructs through a consulting case; Test Automation (Selenium) which teaches on the open-source automated testing tool through expanding on programming languages such as Java and Python; Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Training Program which introduces RPA technology and allows individuals to leverage complimentary tools from UiPath to build software robots; and an upcoming Consulting 101 course.

Through offering such courses, SDLC hopes to continue its commitment to the community and the rising generation, even in difficult economic times within the hiring market. “SDLC has always been committed to giving back to our community, particularly in support of STEM initiatives. This program aligns well with our mission and creates a great opportunity for students to enhance their skills or explore new areas. We are thrilled to offer these six foundational courses, and we have been delighted by the initial response from our community,” stated Katherine Huber, VP of Human Resources and Consulting Services.

In light of the pandemic, all courses will be offered virtually. To register and access more information on course abstracts, commitments, and more.

Contact with any questions regarding the program.

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