Medical Internet of Things

What is the Medical Internet of Things? What’s trending in IoMT?

What is the Medical Internet of Things (IoMT) and how has the pandemic and virtual care accelerated its impact on patient care and population health?

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Digital and Data in the Healthcare C-Suite

Digital and Data in the Healthcare C-Suite #CIOsWhoInspire

The healthcare CIO is morphing from traditional IT to include strategic business responsibilities. We feature healthcare CIOs that inspire us & how they maximize influence & impact.

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SDLC Partners - Employee Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Trends

Workplace wellness and employee wellbeing are top priorities for corporate benefits executives. We highlight current trends that affect how you can attract and retain talent.

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healthcare automation – streamlined processes/optimized costs/improved care and experiences

Healthcare Automation Trends

How is healthcare automating using Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation, and Intelligent Document Processing? We highlight trends in each area.

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SDLC Partners Executive Inspiration 2021

Executive Inspiration for a New Year

Leadership Q&A: How executives can face the new year with confidence and engage across management, IT, sales and marketing, and human resources.

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SDLC Podcast - Fast Goals

Podcast: FAST Goals for Better Aligned Product Projects

The Everyday Innovator podcast interview Jeannine Siviy on her Fast Goals framework for their product management and innovator audience.

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Healthcare Provider Industry Trend

Healthcare Provider Industry Trend Update

Highlighting trends of note within the healthcare provider space, including virtual care, digital health, patient experience, retail healthcare, intelligent automation, cybersecurity, and VBC.

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Payer Healthcare Trends 2020

Healthcare Payer Industry Trend Update

Highlighting trends of note within the healthcare payer space, including VBC, SDOH, telehealth and virtual care, digital health, and member experience.

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Gartner Recap: CIO Guide to RPA & Hyperautomation

A recent Gartner webinar titled, “The CIO’s Guide to RPA and Introduction to Hyperautomation,” shared how hyperautomation is the direction all automation is going as disparate areas across each…

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Digitize to Survive Pandemic

Digitize to Survive

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new division in the world between digitized and non-digitized industries. From a human life and economic cost, the virus has been heartbreaking. For those…

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Pandemic Business Goals - SDLC Partners

Your Business Has Three Goals During the Pandemic

We can’t let chaos and uncertainty knock us off-kilter. Every business has three goals now, during this pandemic, and in the days ahead. Our organization is responding to disruption with innovation…

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Care Management icons

Care Management Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Our last payer trends article highlighted the care management sub-market, which is an area where we have extensive experience and created technology solutions. Now, we’re diving deeper to share…

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two people analyzing data printouts

Gartner Recap: Data and Analytics Leadership and Vision

Gartner recently hosted a webinar on Data & Analytics Leadership and Vision for 2020. In it, Debra Logan, distinguished VP analyst, shared insights from research from their Fourth Annual Chief Data…

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Wireframe hand turning a knob and selecting RPA mode.

Riding the Hype Cycle of RPA Technology

An article touted that the “RPA hype is over.” Some took this statement to mean that robotic process automation (RPA) is dead, but far from it. While the hype is dying, RPA is just getting started.

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Software Testing, magnifying glass examining code

Software Testing Trends 2020

Software testing accounts for, roughly, 30 percent of a total software project’s effort or lifecycle. We believe that testing is more than a percentage of time because the value of quality testing goes far…

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