Lean Portfolio Management

What is Lean Portfolio Management?

Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) describes how organizations should applies lean principles to connect strategy to execution as a strategy to be more agile, adaptive, and competitive.

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elephant and cheetah graphic

Digital Transformation Requires a NEW Bimodal Approach

While a bimodal approach to development isn’t new, we need a new definition of it and approach to it. Modernization is evolving in today’s end-to-end digital transformations. In the past, modernization…

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ITMS graphic

Building a Simplified and Predictable IT Service Management System

Some organizations have built or implemented so many technology solutions and methodologies for requesting IT services that they have become numb and oblivious to the amount of waste, inefficiency…

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Five Keys to Agile Success graphic

Just-in-Time Design: Five Keys to Agile UX Success

Our product development model combines HCD principles and Agile practices to create a software development life cycle that allows devs to focus on strengths.

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data security, linked computers

Digital Success Starts with Customer Trust

Five Recommendations for Better Digital Security. Five ways to build a foundation of deep trust with your customers and be the best steward you can while maximizing the value of customer data.

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software development

In Software Development Only Three Numbers Matter

A colleague once shared a rule of thumb with me that he learned in his training as a software development professional: “In software development, only three numbers matter: Zero, One, and Many.”

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