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Software Testing Trends 2020

Software testing accounts for, roughly, 30 percent of a total software project’s effort or lifecycle. We believe that testing is more than a percentage of time because the value of quality testing goes far…

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Software Testing

Software Testing with SDLC

SDLC Partners provides clients with an onshore option to enhance software testing & QA through one of 3 high-performance team models.

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Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Find out what our software testers do to help your business thrive.

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Cross-Browser Test Automation

Cross-browser testing is an important piece of the aCross-browser QA testing is an important piece of the development puzzle, and automation can help. puzzle, and automation can help.

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Mobile Testing: Mobile Design and Development

The best mobile design & development is irrelevant if no one uses your product. A mobile app is only as good as the customer experience, which is why mobile quality assurance is important.

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