office workers at computers discussing digital accessibility in the workplace

Digital Accessibility in the Workplace: Tips to maximize everyone’s contribution

Accessibility in the workplace, there is always an argument to be made for making digital tools accessible for people with disabilities. However, depending on the circumstances, people’s abilities, and the…

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World IA Day - Ubiquitous Language - SDLC Partners

World IA Day 2020: Ubiquitous Language

There is a principle of linguistics, called the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, that claims people’s perceptions are relative to their spoken language – that the structure of a language greatly influences the modes of…

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Ethnographic Interviewing - SDLC Partners

Unlock Users’ Goals, Needs, and Opinions with Ethnographic Interviewing

As User Experience (UX) researchers and advisers, our goal is to provide the right solution to the right problem for the right people. We start by understanding the people we are serving. The best way…

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person taking survey

Human-Centered Design Toolbox: Creating Effective Surveys

Human-Centered Design (HCD) is an approach to problem solving that focuses on what is desirable for people. We focus on what people need and help develop solutions, technologies, and products…

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application layout ad flow sketches

Tech Is Taxing: Are You Serving Your Tech, Or Is It Serving You?

Using Human-Centered Design to Remove User Excise Effort
Every time we adopt a new technology, we also adopt all of the work to keep that technology running.

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Five Keys to Agile Success graphic

Just-in-Time Design: Five Keys to Agile UX Success

Our product development model combines HCD principles and Agile practices to create a software development life cycle that allows devs to focus on strengths.

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