Medical Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Medical Things? What’s trending in IoMT?

What is the Medical Internet of Things (IoMT) and how has the pandemic and virtual care accelerated its impact on patient care and population health?

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Digital and Data in the Healthcare C-Suite

Digital and Data in the Healthcare C-Suite #CIOsWhoInspire

The healthcare CIO is morphing from traditional IT to include strategic business responsibilities. We feature healthcare CIOs that inspire us & how they maximize influence & impact.

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Webinar: ActiveOps & SDLC Partners on Workplace Wellness

SDLC Partners, ActiveOps & Dr. Gia Tatone discuss workplace wellness in light of a hybrid work from home-office environment & how the Just3Things app uses Dr. Tatone’s 5-step Star model.

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Healthcare’s Prior Authorization Pain Points & Solutions

Identifying Healthcare’s Prior Authorization Pain Points & Solutions

Interoperability and automation can lessen the administrative burden and cost of electronic prior authorization for payers and providers, accelerating treatment, decreasing rework and waste.

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Healthcare Automation Pitfalls

Healthcare Operations: 6 Pitfalls to Avoid when Improving Efficiency, Capacity, and Experience

Six pitfalls to healthcare automation and strategies to avoid them.

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Healthcare Digital Connectedness

Healthcare Can Seize this Moment for Greater Digital Connectedness

Healthcare organizations must seize this moment for greater digital connectedness. We offer three steps to be competitive in the face of big tech.

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Medicare Advantage SSBCI

Medicare Advantage SSBCI Overview & Trends

What are SSBCI and how can your MA plan differentiate while improving health- and non-health-related benefits for existing and prospective members?

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Care Delivery

Breaking Down the Barriers to Care Delivery Location

Virtual care has skyrocketed but how can we blend telehealth, in-person, in-home, and asynchronous care that efficiently delivers quality outcomes, improves satisfaction, and optimizes cost?

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Streamlining Claims Processing & Provider Credentialing

Intelligent Automation for Health Plans: 3 Options for Streamlining Claims Processing & Provider Credentialing

Learn when and where to use RPA, business rules engines, or APIs in payer automation priorities.

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Healthcare Digital Transformation

Three Trends Emerging in a Post-Pandemic Consumerization of Healthcare

SDLC Partners and ThoughtForm address three trends that will impact the post-pandemic consumerization of healthcare and its digital transformation.

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SDLC Partners - Employee Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Trends

Workplace wellness and employee wellbeing are top priorities for corporate benefits executives. We highlight current trends that affect how you can attract and retain talent.

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healthcare automation – streamlined processes/optimized costs/improved care and experiences

Healthcare Automation Trends

How is healthcare automating using Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation, and Intelligent Document Processing? We highlight trends in each area.

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SDLC Podcast - Fast Goals

Podcast: FAST Goals for Better Aligned Product Projects

The Everyday Innovator podcast interview Jeannine Siviy on her Fast Goals framework for their product management and innovator audience.

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Healthcare Provider Industry Trend

Healthcare Provider Industry Trend Update

Highlighting trends of note within the healthcare provider space, including virtual care, digital health, patient experience, retail healthcare, intelligent automation, cybersecurity, and VBC.

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Payer Healthcare Trends 2020

Healthcare Payer Industry Trend Update

Highlighting trends of note within the healthcare payer space, including VBC, SDOH, telehealth and virtual care, digital health, and member experience.

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