SDLC Podcast - Fast Goals

Podcast: FAST Goals for Better Aligned Product Projects

The Everyday Innovator podcast interview Jeannine Siviy on her Fast Goals framework for their product management and innovator audience.

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Healthcare Provider Industry Trend

Healthcare Provider Industry Trend Update

Highlighting trends of note within the healthcare provider space, including virtual care, digital health, patient experience, retail healthcare, intelligent automation, cybersecurity, and VBC.

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Payer Healthcare Trends 2020

Healthcare Payer Industry Trend Update

Highlighting trends of note within the healthcare payer space, including VBC, SDOH, telehealth and virtual care, digital health, and member experience.

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Care Management Partnership and Behavioral Health Care

Blended Automation Accelerates Community-based Care Management Partnership and Behavioral Health Care

RPA and blended automation technology help care management provide greater access to care and data for community-based behavioral health services and resources.

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Healthcare Interoperability

How Can Automation Enable Interoperability for Value-Based Care?

Technologies, like robotics process automation, can help healthcare organizations overcome lack of data/system integration, lack of APIs, and lack of an interoperability sandbox.

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Care Management Microsolutions

Microsolutions Address Growing Need for Care Management Programs to Pivot

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for care management. And, care management programs are under pressure to pivot quickly to address the healthcare needs created by increased stress and anxiety, financial instability, unemployment, and…

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Addressing New & Expanding, High-Risk Populations During COVID-19

Cohort Care Management can address the needs of four high-risk pandemic populations. Now is the time to pivot population health to cohort care management.

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Care Management icons

Care Management Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Our last payer trends article highlighted the care management sub-market, which is an area where we have extensive experience and created technology solutions. Now, we’re diving deeper to share…

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Group of Four Cohorts

Using Care Management Tech to Match and Motivate Patient Cohorts

Care Management technologies must tap into patients’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to support healthy choices and improve their quality of life. Here, we highlight modern techniques and…

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social determinants, house, food, employment, money, transporation icons

Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Data, Dashboards, and Digital

Gartner reports that healthcare CIOs are ramping up efforts to create an SDOH strategy and implement capabilities, tools, and technology. Many healthcare organizations are launching different initiatives to…

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healthcare dashboard examples

Best Practices to Create Impactful Healthcare Dashboards: Four Client Case Studies

According to the 2019 CFO Outlook on Healthcare, 96 percent of healthcare CFOs think that they should be doing more to leverage financial and operational data to inform strategic decisions.

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cohort graphic

Facing the Six Barriers to Cohort-Centric Care Management

Cohort-centric care management improves a person’s health by bringing the best of population management, care coordination, and patient/member engagement together. The 2004 report, “Will Care…

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caduceus with face profile

Simulation for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: Answering “What If?”

Using simulation as part of healthcare data analytics is a powerful, low-risk, and low-cost approach to figuring out the best method, system, or decision for your clinical and business objectives.

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Healthcare Analytics logos

Healthcare Analytics: Choosing the right data analytics tools, for the right role, and the right purpose

Choosing the right healthcare analytics tool can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our guide can help. This article will explore how your analytics journey evolves in two dimensions…

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hand pointing at computer tablet

Healthcare Trends 2019

Healthcare trends that we think will help improve care outcomes and increase operational and care efficiencies. Our healthcare solutions services, we conduct market audits and trend research by looking at…

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