Predictive Analytics & Modeling

A Guide to Predictive Analytics & Modeling

Predictive analytics is one type of data analytics that relies on deep learning and machine learning algorithms to make predictions and support decision-making.

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Gartner Recap: Data and Analytics Leadership and Vision

Gartner recently hosted a webinar on Data & Analytics Leadership and Vision for 2020. In it, Debra Logan, distinguished VP analyst, shared insights from research from their Fourth Annual Chief Data…

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Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Data, Dashboards, and Digital

Gartner reports that healthcare CIOs are ramping up efforts to create an SDOH strategy and implement capabilities, tools, and technology. Many healthcare organizations are launching different initiatives to…

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Best Practices to Create Impactful Healthcare Dashboards: Four Client Case Studies

According to the 2019 CFO Outlook on Healthcare, 96 percent of healthcare CFOs think that they should be doing more to leverage financial and operational data to inform strategic decisions.

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Simulation for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: Answering “What If?”

Using simulation as part of healthcare data analytics is a powerful, low-risk, and low-cost approach to figuring out the best method, system, or decision for your clinical and business objectives.

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Healthcare Analytics: Choosing the right data analytics tools, for the right role, and the right purpose

Choosing the right healthcare analytics tool can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our guide can help. This article will explore how your analytics journey evolves in two dimensions…

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Effective Data Visualization: Building Reports Execs Will Trust

Effective data visualization is something that those in healthcare — and other industries — are focused on. All to often, executives don’t trust reports and they question their results.

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Finding Your Waldo

Trying to find and keep a new customer is a challenge for any business. Are you trying to find repeat customers…

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Consumer Analytics: Walk, Run, Fly

By analyzing the customer experience through various market segments, companies will gain the knowledge they need to affect market share and increase ROI.

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