Lean Portfolio Management

What is Lean Portfolio Management?

Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) describes how organizations should applies lean principles to connect strategy to execution as a strategy to be more agile, adaptive, and competitive.

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CEO Digital Strategy

Top 3 Concerns CEOs Have About Their Digital Strategy

FAANG is forcing accelerated change and CEOs have concerns about their organization’s ability to execute their digital strategy. Our BTEF can help organizations achieve their goals faster.

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Shift from PMO to Value Management Office

Make the Shift from PMO to Value Management Office

Instead of approaching program and project management with a binary choice, we suggest a shift in mindset and approach to a value management office instead.

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Why Do Agile Transformations Fail?

Why Do Agile Transformations Fail?

Why do Agile transformations fail? We offer six Agile pitfalls and strategies for success PLUS what we mean by Agile.

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ROI Podcast - Chris Simchick

Chris Simchick Special Guest on “Into the Corner Office” Podcast

SDLC Partners’ CEO, Chris Simchick, was a special guest on a podcast called “Into the Corner Office” produced by Resource Options International (ROI), a national executive search firm.

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businessman running to change arrow

Are You Feeling Organizational Change Fatigue? Don’t run out of steam

Organizations are seeking to change their state — to transform — to be capable of driving powerful differences in customer experience, business models, or enterprise-wide. The promise of the message is…

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agile symbol

Business Agility Report & Research

Did you know that 73 percent of organizations believe agility is their desired state? And, that 52 percent want to use agile to transform their entire organization – beyond IT?…

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cybersecurity lock

Expert Q&A: Enable Digital Transformation through Robust Cybersecurity

a Frost & Sullivan study revealed that 60 percent of retailers had put their digital transformation programs on hold due to fear of cyberattacks. According to that same study, 56 percent of those …

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ITMS graphic

Improving Member Satisfaction Using FAST Goals© Methodology

In this webinar, Jeannine Siviy, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Healthcare Solutions at SDLC Partners, shares her FAST Goals© methodology for assessing such choices along with some reasoning…

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Agile Goes Mainstream

Agile Transformation – Going Mainstream

“Agile” has been going mainstream in the last few years. Now, we see Agile concepts applied to organizational leadership, company management, and – even – personal time and resource management.

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Five Keys to Agile Success graphic

Just-in-Time Design: Five Keys to Agile UX Success

Our product development model combines HCD principles and Agile practices to create a software development life cycle that allows devs to focus on strengths.

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team icon

Continuous Improvement and Root Cause Analysis

Five areas critical to ensuring DevOps gets off the ground and help organizations get over the cultural and intellectual humps to drive success.

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