Key takeaways from Las Vegas

HIMSS18 is over and you’re already getting bombarded with follow-up contacts.

However, if you’re looking for a quick recap of the most salient takeaways that we saw this year, skim on.

And, if you want to discuss how SDLC Partners approaches each of these areas in a pragmatic, strategy-first, execution-focused methodology, contact us.

Three Major Themes from Las Vegas

Digital Transformation

  • Nearly everyone showcased products and services referencing Digital Transformation. But, what does it mean to you and your organization? One size cannot fit all.
  • What we hear from clients is that they want to be on the digital journey and they want it to be a key initiative and top business priority. To achieve that, however, they are encountering challenges – including legacy systems (and associated maintenance), as well as legacy/manual processes (and associated training & quality checks).
  • We’re running interference for our clients to move them down the road of digital transformation – however we co-create it – with the most valuable technologies, coupled with expertise and a proven track record.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Clearly, AI is on everyone’s minds, yet few know how to adopt it without avoidable rework and risk.
  • The discussion around AI wasn’t as ubiquitous as those on digital transformation, but it showed prominently, especially in the breakout topics – including our fireside chat on “Digital Workforces Enabling Intelligent Innovation” focused on robotic process automation.
  • Attendees want to understand the risks, understand how to bring on expertise to capitalize on an AI investment, and know when AI technologies are ready for primetime.
  • We’re helping clients focus on using AI technologies that allow them to control risk and capture ROI while making the AI journey less disruptive and more fulfilling for management and staff.


  • The HIMSS18 Interoperability Showcase highlighted specific diseases, models of care and locations of care, demonstrating how tech can connect and streamline access and outcomes.
  • Technologies like blockchain and FHIR were highlighted as new and valuable pathways to achieving interoperability goals.


If you didn’t attend HIMSS18, or if you did but we didn’t have a chance to meet, please share your questions or ideas around these topics.

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