Website Modern User Experience

Legacy Modernization Drives Customer Engagement Through User-Centered Design

SDLC Partners shares client story about overhauling 5K-page legacy website to drive web traffic and engage patients and customers.

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Care worker with patient

Mobile Care Management Case Study: How health plans are changing the in-home assessment

One of the nation’s top 10 largest health insurers needed to arm their care managers with a powerful digital tool to conduct in-home assessments. The tool needed to help the care manager ask all of…

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Streamlining Process and Standardizing Reports Increases Productivity

SDLC delivered a reporting solution for a global leader in business process outsourcing and information technology services.

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Automating Mobile Testing decreases manual testing by 80%

Health insurance organization reduce their manual mobile testing by 80% – increasing efficiency while reducing costs.

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Improving Efficiency through Mobile Testing

n American global courier delivery services company was challenged by rapid turnover of their Quality Assurance (QA) testing contractors. The frustrated client brought in SDLC Partners’ QA team.

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Testing Center of Excellence: A Roadmap for Adoption

The centralized Testing Center was experiencing a low rate of acceptance and adoption leaving portions of the organization confused, with disengaged employees and frustrated customers.

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tech puzzle pieces

Improving Organizational Quality and Software Delivery Efficiency

Our team helped correct a history of misalignment between IT, the Business, and both internal and external application development partners.

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Implementing Test Automation and Quality Assurance reduces overall costs by 25%

Client decided to reorganize their customer portal environments, they needed to tackle an aggressive project workload and strategic initiatives.

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Improving QC Productivity thru Strategic Resource Management

A healthcare insurer was challenged by managing resources to perform the QC function. Our team assisted by creating an optimized resource allocation strategy.

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Meeting Online Challenges for a Secure Online Marketplace

The world’s largest auctioneer needed to stay competitive in the market by offering new online capabilities. Find out how the SDLC team helped.

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Providing managed testing services for customer portals to reduce cost

SDLC Partners was asked to collaborate with a leading healthcare provider to provide solutions with consolidation, management, and delivery on customer portal environments.

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Realizing Business Value with a Testing Center of Excellence

corporations are facing the need to develop and enhance applications at a rapid rate, while at the same time reducing the cost of development and maintaining high quality standards.

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