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What is Your Strategy? The FAST Goals Methodology

FAST Goals© is a tool for people to self-organize in a complex system by making the goals and critical capabilities transparent.

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Meeting State Regs for Accurate, Compliant Encounter Data

A technology solution subsidiary of one of the nation’s top 10 largest health insurers was looking for a way to improve and streamline their compliance workflow and reporting that must be submitted to…

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Success in the Medicaid Market: Building a Pre-Enrollment System that Scales

A large health insurer needed to create a pre-enrollment platform that could be customized for state-by-state requirements. Here’s how SDLC helped.

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Improving Accounts Receivable Process through a Custom Application Development Solution

A regional health insurance provider was experiencing financial challenges due to its current accounts receivable system. Here’s how we helped them.

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Stars Gap Board: Engaging Members, Empowering Customer Service and Addressing Care Gaps

Our client was struggling with how to equip their Medicare Advantage Customer Service Advocates (CSAs) to engage members with just the right topic at just the right time.

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Introducing Industry Proven Techniques to Enhance Collaboration, Consistency, and Agility

Teams using the new practices reported unprecedented levels of collaboration and stakeholder engagement that led to improved solution quality.

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Recharging a National Health Insurers IT Software Development Lifecycle in Order to Increase Solution Quality and Business Unit Satisfaction

A large insurer needed to recharge its software development lifecycle in order to increase solution quality and increase business unit satisfaction.

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Turning Back-Room Member Data into Compelling Sales & Finance Technology

An health insurer needed to transform the process of analyzing the effects of healthcare reform from a back-room process into a tool to drive conversations.

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Enabling Sales through Educational and GIS Capabilities

A national healthcare organization was in need of a sales tool that would simplify and illustrate complex client data, with the ability to drill down into details.

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Automating Mobile Testing decreases manual testing by 80%

Health insurance organization reduce their manual mobile testing by 80% – increasing efficiency while reducing costs.

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Implementing Test Automation and Quality Assurance reduces overall costs by 25%

Client decided to reorganize their customer portal environments, they needed to tackle an aggressive project workload and strategic initiatives.

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Health Care Reform – It’s Happening. Are You Ready?

Health Care Reform – It’s Happening. Are You Ready?

The SDLC team created a sales tool for healthcare client that contained actuarial-grade mathematics and modeling to help clients understand the effects of health care reform.

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Achieving 100% NCQA MEM score in Just Seven Months

SDLC’s team came up with a fully compliant solution in less than 7 months while also helping the client receive a 100% NCQA MEM score.

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NCQA Health Plan

NCQA Health Plan Accreditation Crisis Averted

A health plan needed to create an online presence to better engage their members. Here’s how the SDLC Partners team helped.

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Integration of Utilization Function Produces Significant Savings

To address the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry and improve clinical strategy & operations, a healthcare organization decided to integrate two utilization management (UM) functions.

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