Automating 80% of Reporting for Innovation & Improvement Projects

Automating 80% of Reporting for Innovation & Improvement Projects

We helped this client perfect their performance reporting process and now it was time to automate 80% of their reports and save them two weeks each month.

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Common Patient Care Strategies

Aligning 50 Healthcare Executives & Stakeholders Towards Common Patient Care Strategies

$3B academic medical system needed to align healthcare leaders around strategies to optimize patient flow, care, and experience.

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INGMar Medical, Transforming into a Software Company

Transforming into a Software Company

IngMar Medical was pivoting from R&D firm into a device and software company and requested that we assess their SDLC, technical capabilities, and organizational culture, and create a roadmap to guide their transformation.

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Healthcare Portal AEP

Healthcare Client Transforms Portal Operations to Achieve Stellar AEP

A national health plan needed adequate levels of trained resources to ensure Quality Control (QC) of critical data used as part of compliance and customer services. SDLC Partners created and implemented an optimized resource allocation strategy to ensure that flexible, highly-trained resources were available to meet fluctuating demand.

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Agile Performance Process Reporting

Creating an Agile Performance Process for 400+ Innovation and Improvement Projects

Create an Agile Performance Process for 400+ Innovation and Improvement Projects Plus Medical Cost Containment.

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agile team illustration

Benefits of Agile – Scrum Team Closes 100+ Tickets in Client’s Salesforce Backlog

This health care organization’s Salesforce enhancements and defects team had 100+ client tickets in its backlog. The tickets were aging and the organization didn’t have the bandwidth to research and solve…

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people in a line graphic

How To Improve NPS Scores by 50 Points With Online Bill Pay Systems

A nationally ranked health plan had been using the same online billing system for 20 years, which was a source of frustration and dissatisfaction for its members.

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magnifying glass

CMS Audit Framework Leveraged into Strategic Business Solutions

A health plan client had become concerned about their ability to pass a possible CMS Medicare audit unscathed.

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whiteboard session

What is Your Strategy? The FAST Goals Methodology

FAST Goals© is a tool for people to self-organize in a complex system by making the goals and critical capabilities transparent.

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putting puzzle pieces together

Integration of Utilization Function Produces Significant Savings

To address the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry and improve clinical strategy & operations, a healthcare organization decided to integrate two utilization management (UM) functions.

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stethoscope and stars

Health Plan Portal & Health Hotline Improves Compliance & Saves $1M

Gateway Health, a nationally ranked managed care organization, needed to quickly build out a strategy to improve a Star rating….

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streamline process gears

Large Healthcare Organization Implements Streamlined Planning Process

This $12 billion national healthcare organization was seeking assistance to design, implement, and facilitate their annual strategic planning process for the approximately $9 billion health services business.

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teamwork compass

Optimizing Roles and Responsibilities to Create High-Performance Teams

Executives at one of the largest healthcare organizations wanted to optimize productivity and efficiency among Business Analysts and Technical Analysts who resided in both the Information Services and…

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chain linking people graphic

A Redesigned Organizational Structure: Back on Track

A national healthcare organization objectives were to consolidate operational functions, improve communication, and increase efficiency while maintaining the quality of the service.

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