What might their predictions mean for your organization?

Our partner, UiPath, published their third annual “predictions” blog for 2021, titled “Six Predictions for RPA, AI, and Automation in 2021.” Our Intelligent Automation and Technology Transformation service line leads provide insight and commentary on what these predictions may mean for you and our clients.

SDLC Partners - UiPath’s Annual Automation Predictions
UiPath RPA Predicitons_1-New ERP

UiPath Prediction #1:
RPA will become the new ERP

This is an excellent forecast of the growth and adoption of how businesses will adopt and use RPA over the next few years. Since RPA appeals to technology and business users, it can create immediate business value realization. When combined with existing business operations, such as ERP, RPA has the capability of becoming just as important as the back-office systems themselves.

UiPath RPA Predicitons_2-Excellence

UiPath Prediction #2:
Centers of Excellence (CoEs) will become profit centers

UiPath shared, “This prediction represents a major shift: in 2021, companies will begin to see that automation operations not only help them save money but can serve as a revenue-generation platform to create new revenue streams.”

Powered by the shift of incorporating humans in the loop for automation, RPA has the capability of moving from being a tool to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency to becoming a tool used for innovating new ways to create revenue. As users and business leaders become more comfortable with RPA, these users’ ingenuity will help to forge a hybrid approach to find new markets for their products and new ways of interacting with customers.

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UiPath RPA Predicitons_3-Bridging automation

UiPath Prediction #3:
“We’ll focus on bridging islands of automation.”

UiPath says, “I predict that the industry will turn its attention to robot resilience in 2021. More specifically, RPA vendors will have to help their customers avoid creating separate islands of automation operations that can become dysfunctional, hard to maintain, and extremely expensive over time.”

The relative ease of bringing RPA solutions to production has led to individual function solutions. As organizations start to realize the business value of these solutions, applying automation across functions using RPA will reveal improvements in how RPA is used and how areas of the business can work better together.

UiPath RPA Predicitons_4-WFH robots

UiPath Prediction #4:
We’ll start to rely on work-from-home robots

Working from home presents a whole new range of challenges that most employees haven’t experienced. Using RPA to explore new ways to de-risk working from home is just one way to view this as an opportunity to automate.

UiPath RPA Predicitons_5-experience

UiPath Prediction #5:
“The employee experience will become as important as customer experience.”

UiPath predicts: “In the last few years, we’ve seen an increased focus on the customer experience (CX), and I now predict a similar approach to the employee experience (EX). The entire automation market must address this with operations and processes that help improve the employee experience—critical for increasing morale, engagement, and productivity.”

As a core focus area, businesses are enabling employees with RPA to be able to do more. As “human-in-the-loop” becomes more popular, we firmly believe that employee interactions will take center stage. This is one reason we have incorporated Design Thinking and Human Centered Design capabilities into our RPA solutions. This ensures that the robots we deploy are functioning at the level required while providing a foundation for using RPA that pushes robots’ business value even higher.

UiPath RPA Predicitons_6-transformable

UiPath Prediction #6:
“RPA will become more transformational.”

UiPath shares, “Have you noticed that ‘digital transformation’ is a business buzzword? I believe that this is because the vast majority of digital transformation efforts in general—and automation in particular—are still too tactical in nature. Yet, I’m also confident that 2021 will be the year where companies will begin to make substantial changes to operating models across the board. As they do, they will begin to truly achieve the potential of digital transformation.”

RPA is an incredible tool to include in any transformation. It makes business value visible, quickly, and measurable. Including RPA into transformation plans will build bridges across islands within operations and business units, redefining enterprise processes and establishing new ways to realize value. This is key to making any level of transformation more successful.

Make Sense of Automation Predictions

No matter what experts and vendors predict, intelligent automation is a tool that can bring exponential value to your organization and your customers. Let’s explore that potential together.

John Vorchak
John Vorchak
Director of Information Technology

John Vorchak, Director of Information Technology, joined SDLC Partners in July 2015. John is responsible for the technologies and infrastructure used to enable the organization.

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