The Age of Technology: Leveraging Organizational Change Management to Stay on Top

Today’s fast-paced world is demanding businesses to respond quickly to shifting market dynamics and industry nuances. Conventional, static corporate environments can no longer keep up with the continuous flux of change. Fortunately, there is an effective tactic for businesses to address these demands and continue to improve, not just through more technology, but with Organizational Change Management (OCM). Oftentimes projects/implementations fail because the human factor was not taken into consideration. OCM allows organizations to apply strategies to mitigate human resistance and create an environment ready for change. It also enables companies to consistently achieve optimal functionality, even during temporary disruptions in regular operations. Incorporating the right OCM activities and practices into business processes will set a standard for a culture of change.

One of the fiercest drivers of changes right now is the need for innovative and effective technology solutions. Past efforts to implement digital tools used to mean long timelines, multiple trial and error periods and a very limited sense of urgency. Considering all of the current demands requiring companies to adapt and change technologies quickly, these efforts will certainly fall short of success.

As technologies continue to evolve, so too must the approaches to implement those technologies.This is where OCM comes into play. Activities that are unique to this practice can help businesses improve their approach to change. Often, changes to technology infrastructures fail to consider its impact on the human factor within a company. Without this consideration, there is a significant chance that employee productivity is not operating at its full potential.

While it is indisputable that effective technology can lead to higher margins and profits in business, SDLC Partners believes that blending the management of technology solutions with the management of organizational dynamics can push those margins and profits even higher. A good example of this technology and human fusion is healthcare. It’s an industry being disrupted by an array of technology solutions; electronic medical records, automated billing processes, care management systems, patient portals and more. Every stakeholder in this industry has been exposed to the effects (good and bad) of digital transformation.

In addition, the healthcare industry has a number of touch points the customer (or, in this case, patient) has with working elements of the business. If those elements were to be transformed using technology solutions without proper organizational change management…there could be a negative impact on the patient experience, possibly resulting in some unfavorable ratings.

For instance, implementing an electronic medical record system can increase efficiency and reduce waste. However, the tool will most likely not work to the extent it was originally intended until the stakeholders understand the justification for the implementation. This means:

  • Guiding their understanding of the scope, impact and rationale of the changes.
  • Engaging stakeholders with a clear, transparent and customized communication plan.
  • Implementing training plans that allow stakeholders to witness benefits of the technology as well as be catered to stakeholder specific workflows to push the change to a sustainable state.

Technology has been proven to transform businesses by standard measures. However, it is the people responsible for using the digital solution and appropriating that change that can lead the organization to further achievement and sustainability.

SDLC Partners helps clients translate their strategy into successful execution by providing sustainable organizational change and utilizing an integrated approach that combines project management expertise with OCM capabilities. Our framework is based on essential pieces of OCM including stakeholder engagement and management, communication, and training.

It is clear that technology solutions that address the changing landscapes are here to stay – an organizational change management toolkit can be the compass that navigates your organization to success and improves you chances of achieving the return on your investment.

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