Software Testing with SDLC : Keeping Costs in Check and Quality Close to Home

Today’s increasingly complex IT landscape is comprised of a fast moving, constantly changing combination of methodologies, tools, processes, people, and constraints, all competing for limited resources while facing rapidly approaching deadlines. If you’re concerned that a lack of flexibility, capability, and capacity could hinder your ability to deliver the right solutions to your customers, SDLC Partners offers a unique client experience at its Pittsburgh-based Solution Center.

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle in Gateway Center, the SDLC Solution Center provides clients with a competitive onshore option to enhance software testing and quality assurance through one of three different high-performance team models that will effectively, yet economically satisfy the needs of the business:

  • Test strategy and consultation on approach, techniques, and automation
  • Outsourced testing
  • Co-sourced testing teams – working side-by-side to tackle a large transformation project or a specific platform or suite of applications

We achieve results by applying our methodologies and expertise in applications development, integration and QA/Testing support, IT effectiveness assessments, and requirements management.

Developing a solution that meets business needs and exceeds customer expectations is difficult work, involving many stakeholders and varying priorities. In this fast paced, do more with less economy, there are distinct advantages to having a dedicated and focused team of software testing and quality assurance professionals. This role combines technical and analytical skills with a thorough understanding of domain goals and customer needs, coupled with corporate and industry standards, to reduce risk and ensure delivery of a solution or implementation that optimizes the expectations and constraints of each of these factors.

Deploying technology takes work. A lot of work. By assigning these responsibilities to internal development engineers or domain experts, companies risk taking focus away from their strengths and core responsibilities. So what about offshoring? Well, if you are moving toward a faster, more agile process, entrusting this role to offshore software testers creates another level of complexity. Distance and communication challenges between your key stakeholders and outsourcing partners can result in lost time, lost opportunity, and more importantly…lost customers.

By hiring, training, and growing local talent with technical, analytical, and business domain knowledge within a dedicated testing practice, SDLC dramatically reduces the complexity and risk of the software testing equation. Through our onshore solution center, clients have access to domestic resources that possess the contextual knowledge of U.S. businesses, coupled with proven tools, frameworks, and methods, all of which translates into increased speed to market, reduced risk, and improved quality.

The SDLC Solution Center enables clients to focus on their core competencies, all while extending their capabilities and capacity across the high-demand areas of software testing and quality assurance, as well as mobile, web, and application development.

Driven by SDLC’s Right Thinking™ model, a collaborative approach that utilizes tools and processes to ensure lasting impact and competitive advantage, software testing in our domestic Solution Center is the next highly effective option to help meet your technology challenges.

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