When great employees find support and recognition, they blossom

When the president of a large healthcare company sends you a handwritten note to recognize your work, that’s a special memento and one that Radhika cherishes. “It was so touching that such a busy executive would take time to personally write to me,” she shares. Radhika is just the kind of employee that her supervisor, colleagues, and company leadership values and works hard to support.

Radhika Naidu Chelamalasetty
Radhika Naidu Chelamalasetty, Senior Consultant Java Developer

Recently celebrating a job promotion to senior consultant, application developer and her five-year anniversary at SDLC Partners (a CitiusTech company since 2019), Radhika reflects on why she has stayed. “I’ve seen complete growth and I see my growth trajectory very clearly.” Her “all-in” approach to everything she does receives leadership’s attention. “They saw my hard work and they approached me with more opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute.”

Technology in healthcare brings change and challenge that Radhika enjoys

Radhika’s work trajectory is built on her experience in web development, tapping her for many projects that use Java, Adobe Experience Manager, and Angular 14. “I like technology change and the challenges, growth, new tasks, and new opportunities for progress they bring.” Her most recent healthcare technology engagements put her in the role of leader, overseeing a six-person team on a user interface project for a national healthcare provider organization. She’s running meetings, interfacing with clients, creating proof of concept projects, and ensuring that projects are based on good practice.

“I like technology change and the challenges, growth, new tasks, and new opportunities for progress they bring.”

Thriving in a culture of mentoring, cooperation and collaboration

When she’s not deep into software development or project and team management, she’s mentoring others or seeking mentoring for herself. Radhika points to mentoring as an important part of her success and “the growth that she’s seeing.” This kind of cooperative and collaborative learning environment sets SDLC Partners and CitiusTech apart. When her work projects shifted to new clients after the CitiusTech acquisition, she began to work with the FluidEdge team (also a CitiusTech company). “They were very supportive, helpful, and responsive,” she says.  “This new opportunity enabled me to work with a new aspect within the healthcare industry and learn new technologies to upgrade my skills with Angular.” She’s continuously working on multiple proof of concept projects to demonstrate which route is optimal, improving user experiences. “I had the chance to work with multiple healthcare clients across industry categories.”

Seizing employee development opportunities while giving back

It’s that “all-in” attitude that keeps Radhika engaged in the majority of employee opportunities at SDLC Partners. “When they say ‘Come join in,” I take the invitation to communicate with, relate to, and learn from my colleagues.” Whether it’s participating in SDLC’s Internal Case Competition – where Radhika was on the First Prize team in its second year – or presenting topics like “How should solution partners get ahead of the rapidly changing health care game?” to the company, Radhika commits her best and relishes a little competition. “I did the Tough Mudder competition and helped with fundraising through the Big Brothers Big Sisters bowling competition.”

Working hard, having fun, building colleague relationships

Yes, Radhika is no stranger to fun at work. Wearing a colorful sari to the annual Diwali celebration, joining a Grateful Gathering for ice cream with colleagues, or participating in the 10,000 Steps program “keeps it fresh” for her.

Employee retention comes from growth at all levels

Looking ahead, she sees many more chances to grow her skills, support clients with her technical and business abilities, and stay connected to coworkers. “If I have rapport with leadership, recognition from colleagues and clients, and getting enough respect, why would I change?”

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