Our SDLC Leaders Share How They’re Approaching this New Year

The popular phrase “Keep calm and carry on” was coined by the British government’s Ministry of Information in 1939 in an effort to boost morale at the outset of World War II. It’s equally apropos at the beginning of 2021 as we look forward with hope. Our leadership team shared some info that they value as we launch into a new year filled with ideas, opportunities, plans, but also risk and uncertainty.

Q: As executives and leaders across every organization mentally and practically approach the new year, what one piece of advice would you give?

If there is one thing 2020 taught us, it is to blend strategic and tactical positioning that can enable your organization to pivot quickly. We must continue to ask ourselves, “Do our contingency plans stand up to scrutiny, and are they relevant? Do they align leadership and employees to a course of action? Do they support your desired outcomes?”

For me and the team at SDLC Partners, we will focus on the power of routine, delivering a differentiated experience to customers and employees, and attracting and retaining the talent needed to transform our clients’ businesses. 

Chris Simchick, Founder, CEO
Chris Simchick, Founder, CEO

Q: As sales and marketing leaders across every organization dive into 2021, what one piece of advice would you give? 

In the aftermath of 2020, there have been bright spots. People adapted to #WFH. Companies innovated quickly to find ways to add value. And, our frontline workers continue to help our country get through this time. My approach and suggestion for other leaders are to build on your 2020 wins, however small. Set the tone and rally your team. 

Most of all, stay positive. Our region can be proud of vital sectors in healthcare, technology, education, and others that continue to adapt and recover through shared vision and tenacity. 

Scott Barnyak
Scott Barnyak, Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Q: As HR leaders and managers across every organization segue into a new year, what one piece of advice would you give? 

We kick off this new year focused on our people. What helped us survive and thrive in 2020 was creating new ways to engage our teams, demonstrate leadership’s support, communicate with more frequency and transparency, and reassure that we would get through these difficult times together. In 2021, the technology industry landscape will be even more competitive, and our differentiators will have to be the experience we provide to our clients and our employees.

For our clients, we will reinforce our core value of delivering “WOW!” experiences by going above and beyond to deliver greater value. For our employees, we will expand our commitment to providing a place where they can grow their skills, be stretched to achieve even greater personal success, and be consistently recognized and appreciated.

Katherine Huber, Vice President, Consulting & Human Resources
Katherine Huber, Vice President, Consulting & Human Resources

Q: As transformation and IT leaders across every organization move headfirst into 2021, what one piece of advice would you give? 

The lessons of 2020 made two things crystal clear for me. First, one of the heroes of 2020 has got to be the IT folks who helped organizations turn on a dime and enable remote work as never before. Second, I would encourage IT leaders to look at how they can create a culture that imbues safety.

An organization’s ability to act and change rapidly and succeed under incredible stress and time pressures are evident when employees feel safe and confident to innovate, hypothesize, try, and sometimes fail. The more your people feel secure to participate in a culture of transformation, the more they can contribute value as well as speak up with fresh ideas or potential risks.

John Vorchak, Director of Information Technology
John Vorchak, Director

What Inspires You in the New Year?

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