When it comes to Business Intelligence & Analytics – should you hire a fisherman or learn to fish for yourself?

Business Intelligence (or BI) and analytics are heading toward a tipping point as an industry. Organizations are striving towards self-serve capabilities to meet their data and insight needs as they arise.

But, for most organizations, having seamless access to all desired data, as well as the right tools and processes to adequately squeeze knowledge and value out of that data, is just beyond their horizon.

Along the continuum to that vision, there are many possible routes. I liken it to the Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

At SDLC Partners, we realize that some of our clients want to learn how to fish (aka acquire and use the right data) for themselves while others want help bridging the gap between their current capabilities and the future of data analytics mastery.

Where are you right now?

If you’re like many organizations, your data is still in siloes, and you have limited access to enough of what you could have. Likewise, you may have some tools for analysis, but you could be missing out on a level of richness lying dormant in available data.

As you look across the continuum to your unique BI and analytics desired future state, consider these stops on the way to fishing for yourself.

fisherman holding fish

1. Hire a fisherman and focus on what you do best.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to master the art of BI and analytics, you can work with a partner to do all the work to meet your needs – from BI Strategy to the creation of an enterprise data warehouse and every step in between, we offer a full suite of solutions to meet your needs.

man in boat fishing icon

2. Rent a boat to go fishing yourself.

Rather than outsource all of your BI and analytics activities, you could develop your BI strategy independently. Then, work with a vendor to choose the best analytics platform and tools for data gathering, analysis, and creating answers from your data. Thereby, you avoid getting stuck in feature analysis paralysis. And, since you’re driving the boat and have all of the tools, you can focus on using your data rather than on which tools you need.

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3. Charter a fishing expedition and use their boat and secret fishing spots.

Here, you are part of the BI and analytics team that includes external advisors. Experts guide your process and work closely with you through the strategy development and analytics tactics and projects. You maintain the data and do the analytics work, but you’ve got a team to walk beside you throughout the journey.

cooking fish icon

4. Catch the fish yourself, but let someone process the fish for you.

Lastly, it goes to say that you may want to build the entire competency and have all of the tools for BI and analytics as an internal center of excellence, but you want outside perspectives to deliver recommendations on what the data reveals.

Why Fish with Us?

Our fishing analogy aside, creating the right kind of BI competency for your department or organization requires having a clear vision of where you want to go and what you have to start with right now.

At SDLC, we work with every kind of client. Some work with us to build their world class analytics capability, and others know where they want to invest their resources and internal expertise, and they prefer to leave analytics strategy and data work to us so that they can go deep into using tools to pull out insights and focus on creating value from data.

Our philosophy is that there is no right answer or solution for every client. That’s why we’re committed to finding the right solution for your needs. That means we stay technology agnostic and take a very practical approach rather than be driven to meet software sales goals for a technology partner.

man at desk

For example, we maintain certifications in over 100 platforms, and we have team members with deep expertise in all of the major platforms and vendors

Across industries – like healthcare payers and providers, retail, and others – our goal is to be your “Execution Partner of Choice.” We focus on delivering a collaborative experience based on proven strategies and pragmatic plans.

We’re poised to bring our execution excellence, small, high-performing teams and real-world BI track record to you.

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