How well is your business responding to the pandemic? You have three jobs to master right now.

We can’t let chaos and uncertainty knock us off-kilter. Every business has three goals now, during this pandemic, and in the days ahead. Our organization is responding to disruption with innovation, creativity, and passion for helping our customers and organizations in need.

However, it’s critical that we, as business leaders, take a broader perspective across three areas – Now – Next – New.

Your Company Has Three Goals

Pandemic -Now, New, Next Ven Chart- SDLC Partners
  1. Support customers through unprecedented times
  2. Maintain business continuity through uncertain times
  3. Create innovative solutions that become competitive strengths

Business leaders need to strategize and act on three levels

  1. Now
    Creative strategies and offerings too support customers now and maintain business community.
  2. Next
    Think ahead and plan for how to deliver value to customers now and maintain business continuity.
  3. New
    Capture and integrate learning from forced innovation into strategic competitive strengths going forward.

What Should Businesses Do Now?

Our focus should be on more than survival. While business continuity is paramount, there’s opportunity all around you to look at the unique needs and challenges your customers face right now and provide innovative and creative solutions to make business and life easier. Where are your opportunities right now? 

When you think about the profound changes your customers are facing, how can you uniquely help them and deliver value in new and unexpected ways?  

People are working from home. Kids are learning from home. Essential workers are facing health risks to keep services flowing. Companies have to evolve how they deliver goods and services. 

Dig deep and stretch your teams and organizations to find new routes to meeting needs and delivering value. 

What Should Businesses Do Next? 

At the same time, this pandemic will evolve and change, and there will be a time – weeks and months – where it won’t be business as usual. As the world and business start to transition to a post-Covid-19 existence, how will your business be better? 

How can you anticipate the evolving needs of your customers as public health policies change, and businesses must respond in adaptive and agile ways? 

Let’s look ahead 3-6 months to imagine and plan for what could be ahead. 

What Should Businesses Do That’s New? 

When we’re all in the thick of it, it’s hard to strategize above the fray, but leaders must. What you and your organization learn in these days will be hard-won insights and improvements that make your company stronger.

How can you capture the essential lessons and innovations you will need to keep creating so that you can determine what products, services, processes, and strategies you will want to keep and expand into the future?

Capturing the positive impacts that you have created and integrating them as part of your response to this time could be a silver lining. You have an opportunity to discover new ways of working and innovating, creating higher levels of communication, and building deeper trust.

We’re at the Ready to Help you with What’s Now – Next – New

My seasoned team of battle-hardened professionals and I are here to help you respond quickly, bringing our creative problem-solving skills and the practical, smart solutions needed to not just survive but succeed.

Scott Barnyak, Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Scott Barnyak
Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Scott Barnyak, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, has over 25 years of experience in the consulting industry and is one of the co-founders of SDLC Partners and CyLumena.

Scott is responsible for shaping the firm’s business strategy, sales and marketing, and go to market services. He is a member of the Allegheny Conference and holds a seat on the Carnegie Mellon Athletics Board, where he is also active as a mentor for college athletes.

Scott holds a B.S. in Industrial Management with a minor in Graphic Communications Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

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