SDLC Partners’ experts discuss 5 important questions on creating a modern vision for collaboration between the IT and business sides of your organization.

Today’s conversation gives us a unique opportunity to hear from two of SDLC Partners’ experts: Art Moore is the director of our business agility practice and Bob Limegrover is our director of delivery excellence. They bring together disparate parts of the organization and guide them in Lean-Agile approaches to product management, software development, and process-operational transformation.

Art and Bob will discuss their take on the traditional points of strain between the two, as well as share a robust vision for how IT and the business can work together in a new way so that they can bring sustainable success for the organization.

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They address these five critical questions:

Question 1: Why does it seem to be such a challenge for IT and the business sides of the organization to work and achieve more collaboratively?

Question 2: Why is collaboration between IT and business such an organizational imperative now since this problem has been around for decades?

Question 3: What do you both envision as a model for how IT and the business should work cooperatively in this new economy of the consumer?

Question 4: Since SDLC Partners is a business and technology consultancy with a very strong Lean-Agile approach, why do you espouse Lean Portfolio Management as a key enabler of successful IT-business collaboration and, ultimately, of sustainable high performance for the organization?

Question 5: For anyone listening to this who’s from the c-suite — CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, COO, CXO, CTO – What advice do you have for him or her about starting a new direction for greater market and technology achievements towards business objectives using Lean Portfolio Management?

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Lastly, we just created an ebook from a collection of Lean Portfolio Management articles that Art recently published. Download Art’s ebook.

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