Digital Transformation enabling data, people, process and tools for new value in healthcare 

Payers and providers have been transforming digitally for years. Imagine a day before online bill pay, asynchronous messages with your doctor, mobile prescription refills and text messages as medication reminders. 

In healthcare, Digital transformation has become such a buzzword, yet, it does represent a new way of looking at how we deliver value to members, patients, and staff in a way that fits their complex, modern lifestyles and workflow – however that is experienced. 

This Issue Roundup discusses a fresh perspective on digital transformation in healthcare – ideas that can inspire new ways of viewing the journey.

Planning an omnichannel strategy that centers mainly around technology

Relationship between Transformation and Person Centricity 

Two parallel concepts are converging within this new wave of transformation in healthcare. We dare say that digital transformation equals person centricity. 

We talk in healthcare about being patient- or member-centered. It makes sense in today’s world that centricity would equate with digital, mobile and connected data and communication.  

Many payers and providers, within the value-based payment construct, are struggling to define “transformation” for themselves. However, it really comes down to finding where your organization has a unique purposepopulation and process for delivering value or care across connections that also aligns with payment reforms. Whether through community-based health, home health, telemedicine, remote clinics, telephonic care management, etc., our connections are digital, or supported by digital, and they are ubiquitous (across time and care location). 

Where do your person-centric connections need support and strengthening with digital technologies and tools? 

Creating customer experiences from a very narrow view

Relationship between Digital Transformation in Healthcare and Value-Based Care 

At SDLC Partners, we call it “digital enablement” and “agile transformation.” Both terms relate to the connection among data, process, people and tools.  

Each of these four areas are influenced and impacted by technology, which has to do a better job to meet the new demands healthcare is facing.  

  • Delivering healthcare value via new locales or no “locale” at all 
  • Lines are blurring between payer, provider and care “team” 
  • Payment incentives are driving new models of care 

CIO magazine defines digital transformation as “coupling of granular, real-time data with modern technologies to enhance products, processes and business decision making with customer, products and operational insights.” 

Which of your value-based programs or new models of care need better real-time data and digital technologies to deliver care that’s connected and less costly?

Forcing customers to fit into your omnichannel strategy rather than fit their preferences

Relationship between Transformation, Population Health and the “Segment of One” 

The holy grail for payers and providers these days is having the best of both worlds – population health management alongside personalized care.  

Data analytics and digital technologies are two powerful tools to achieve both the standardization of care across cohorts, as well as addressing the unique needs of the individual. 

And, because activating new models of care is requiring more innovative ways to engage people – via phone, community, clinic or home – digital technologies of all kinds are needed to provide the best care from anywhere. 

How does your population health and personalized care need to transform in light of your objectives and new digital channels?

Inadequately addressing interoperability across the customer journey

Transformation Starts with Mindset 

While technology is a worthwhile means to achieve all of these transformational goals, the most challenging aspect of transformation isn’t the right tech, it’s changing the mindset of healthcare. 

We are inspired to see how our healthcare clients have embraced moving from an internal-to-external mindset to one starting with the person and devising strategies and tech to appropriately collaborate with patients and members no matter the location of care. 

If your healthcare organization is struggling with how to choose the right digital channel to realize your goals, or you have so many technologies that it’s hard to see the patient or member anymore, we can help. 

Our digital enablement and healthcare domain experts work alongside to create practical approaches to quickly realizing positive change – inside and outside your organization. 

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