Presented by Jeannine Siviy, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Healthcare Solutions

How can an organization find balance in their approach, investment, and technology choices in order to achieve all three goals, which are seemingly at odds with each other?

In this webinar, Jeannine Siviy, Director of Healthcare Solutions at SDLC Partners, shares her FAST Goals© methodology for assessing such choices along with some reasoning guidance on top priorities that she’s seeing with SDLC Partners’ healthcare clients.

To get to the FAST Goals© Methodology in the webinar, jump to the 7th section on the right side of the demand recording titled Efficiency AND Innovation. To learn more about our approach to IT service management or to discuss the snags you’re facing, contact us at 412.251.0848 or email.

Jeannine Siviy
Jeannine Siviy
Director of Healthcare Solutions

Jeannine Siviy is a business & technology strategist and expert in marrying solution engineering and process transformation with market trends to create breakthroughs for delivering growth and IP.

As a global thought leader on performance-driven improvement, she helps organizations create a path forward that meets business objectives through the appropriate blend of developing new solutions and harmonizing proven tech and practices.

At SDLC Partners, she leads Healthcare Solutions and oversees their largest strategic partnerships worth over $30 million in annual revenue.

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