Comparing Client Needs to Market Trends

July is a good point in the year to take a step back and reflect on the larger trends that we’re seeing with our healthcare clients and make note of how those are similar to or different from what we’re seeing in the broader payer and provider industries.  

This pivot point can be a good time to reassess or confirm priorities for the rest of 2018.


Client Priority: Member Experience

We’re seeing a focus on repurposing and extending patient/member portals becoming a one-stop. Clients want to tie together the experience and features found in the portal across digital mobile and web site channels for a more personalized and consistent experience. 

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Patient personalization is a much-talked about trend in healthcare. And, it seems that organizations are working on projects to address population health while creating something relevant for a “segment of one.” Data interoperability and analytics are key and our clients have reflected that for payers, specifically, they are working hard to catch up with how the retail industry has transformed customer experiences.  

Additionally, trends like telehealth, alignment with post-acute care and mergers will require special attention to ensure that, as we add new ways to access care, we take the best of the experience to a broader audience.


Client Priority: Intelligent Automation & Robotic Process Automation

Payer and provider operations are particularly keen to start automation projects to help eliminate waste found everywhere, especially when clients want to scale programs, services and new processes. In particular, claims auditing and revenue cycle management are top on clients’ lists for using RPA for automation. 

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Areas like internal operations, as well as consumer-facing services, are investing in automation. From live chat and chatbots to melding voice-activated search and services into automated communication and triggered tasks, we are on the path to integrating the best of automation technologies.  

While CIOs are, reportedly, slower to pull the trigger on artificial intelligence projects yet, there is a definite interest in how automation can relieve burdens on staff and increase speed and accuracy of important and time-intensive activities.


Client Priority: Enabling Value-Based Care and Physician Referrals with Tech

Our healthcare clients are testing and proving various models and programs to deliver better care and experiences at a lower cost as part of growing portfolios of risk-based contracting. There are many forms that value-based services and programs can take, but they all rely on technologies as the foundation to make them function. 

Mobile apps, population-health and care management platforms are key to managing initiatives that require connections to people in the field and consumers in homes or clinics.  

Another area that’s gaining a lot of attention is engaging the entire physician network for easy referrals and connections with colleagues. Seamless technology is connecting physicians for the information that they need at the fingertips to make modern referrals easy to execute, which enhances the overall consumer experience. 

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Quality metrics, compliance reporting and consumer satisfaction is driving the need for more engaging tech to support value-based care models. Technology is providing the interface and entrée into an experience that care managers, nurse managers and other care coordinators can use to establish rapport, adherence and encouragement towards health goals. 

Trends speak to making these technologies and experiences a more personal while helping people address the barriers that stand in their way like transportation, housing, nutrition and education.


Client Priority: Implementation Transformation

While not a trend, finding new and effective ways to manage backlog and launch insurance products, patient services– faster and at the delight of customers and leadership – is key to client projects launching and scaling successfully. 

Many healthcare organization fall into the trap of projectizing products and managing products as projects. This leads to losing sight of the customer and an Agile approach, causing smaller nimble projects and proof of concepts to be delayed in getting to customers faster. 

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Treating patients and members like consumers was a start, but there is a trend emerging that treats consumers like partners. As people take on more cost of their care, and feel more responsibility in their wallet, it makes sense that our technology, programs and outreach put a partner-first mentality in place. 

Emerging technologies – like virtual reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence – are top in discussions about these consumer partnerships. However, using human-centered design and consumer feedback is critical to testing technologies, but to bringing the voice of customer back to clients. This is one of the most powerful feedback loops for client teams and their leadership to ensure that the path taken continues to be the right one. 

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Shrey Sekhar
Shrey Sekhar
Delivery Executive

Shrey Sekhar is a management consultant executive with over 15 years of experience, particularly deep healthcare in government markets, care management, pharmacy benefits, and member enrollment. He has a proven record of driving the delivery of multiple projects within timeline and budget. Shrey is a subject matter expert in healthcare strategy, project management, risk management, translating customer needs/market trends into technical requirements, and successfully releasing solutions across the entire engagement lifecycle in challenging environments.

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