How three powerful questions can lead to better product management.

Our director of healthcare solutions, Jeannine Siviy, recently joined the Everyday Innovator for a podcast to discuss her framework… called Fast Goals©.

Thanks to Chad McCalister for taking time to share this invaluable tool and our amazing SME with your podcast audience of product managers and innovators.

“We more frequently fail to face the right problem than fail to solve the problem we face.”


Listen to the podcast and explore these topics:

Topic Timestamps:

  • [2:48] What is the Slinky Dog metaphor for product management?
  • [5:11] What problem does the FAST Goals methodology solve?
  • [8:25] What are the key components of FAST Goals?
  • [13:15] Let’s walk through an example of using FAST Goals to improve customer experience at an airport.
  • [20:13] Let’s take a closer look at a specific problem—not knowing how much time it will take to get to the gate.
  • [31:17] What artifact do teams end up with after FAST Goals?
  • [35:58] What are some examples of when you’ve seen FAST Goals applied to make meaningful changes in organizations?

Learn how FAST Goals© can align your team and accelerate good ideas into action.

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